Saturday, 4 October 2008

Can A 3 Year Old Use a Computer?

This weekend I have to go to a town 4 hours away to set up some a new software program, there is a lot of stuff I need to set up so I brought my new work 'notebook' out to the lounge this morning to make sure I had everything I need loaded. I set it down a stepped out for a few minutes to make a cup of coffee. When I came back this is what I found:

Hmmm.... Lion is doing some work on Daddy's computer. Then all of a sudden Lion punches the air trimphantly 'Yah! I got him, Daddy!'

Wolf: 'What is going on there Lion?'
Lion: 'I'm shooting them. I'm playing Air Vaders.'

W: 'Oh Space Invaders, on my computer?'
L: 'Well, you walked away, so it was my turn to use the computer.'
Dragon: 'Poo-Ta! Poo-Ta! Me! First!'

I had shown Lion this game once before because he had gotten excited over the fact that he had computer game socks for the wedding, so I showed him the computer game on which the pictures on the socks were modeled after. Since then he is always asking to play the game. So I guess the answer to the question "Can a 3 year old use a computer?" is yes, he has picked it up pretty well too, his co-ordination is a little off but would do ever better if he was using joystick to move the gun.

-Wolf McT


  1. Cheetah's dad told us that children who have doting grandparents are brighter. He read it somewhere. It must be true. . .

  2. Lion is very clever to be able to use a computer!!

  3. It's that generation - he will know more about new technology by the time he's 10 years old than probably you (and certainly me) ever will.


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