Saturday, 4 October 2008

My OTHER Son Has Superpowers... How About Yours?

So Lion's superpower is some sort of personality probe, we figured that one out a while back. Dragon's power has been a mystery to us, he has a bit of the same ability as Lion in the personality probe but not to the same degree. He has given flying a good go but so far, nothing but bruises. Deadly gas? well, lets just not go there, it is all too real a possibility. I think I may have figured out his unique super power.

He's a jumper (technical term provided by Wolf). I can be doing something, Dragon is happily playing in another room, I can HEAR him playing in another room, I step back to turn around and I stand on him. He just materialises right under my feet. He teleports himself to right where I am about to step. I don't know how many times in the last few days he has been on the receiving end of my backside to his face as I step back, it cant be pleasant. I am not sure in what way this will come in handy but I am bound to find something.

*They chose their own clothes on wednesday hence the mismatched and baby clothes. Lion picked his and then of course Dragon realised how that worked and wanted to try it. Then Lion decided he needed a cape (it was my bothers when he was little, made by my aunt, batman on one side and superman on the other) so Dragon needed a cape too. Thankfully a teatowel held on with some cotton tape was sufficient for him. I just keep thinking of the "Incredibles" line "NO CAPES". Unfortunately they just wouldnt pose for a photo :(


  1. Oh they looks so cute! I was thinking of the incredibles at the start of your post - each having their own unique superpower.
    I think I have a few similair to dragon - it feels like I'm tripping over them a lot! Love the capes (so long as they don't fly near any jet engines they should be alright).

  2. I love the superhero costumes. And I really like the last photo - superhero-ing is obviously very thristy work.

  3. I laughed so much reading this. I love that you are able to recognise their super powers. They do have wonderful powers of teleportation don't they!


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