Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sunday School answers.

No pictures, not much to say just thought I would blog this for the fam before I forget it. We are training these kids well...

Dragon was trying desperately to tell us something in the car.

D "Ishus, Ishus" (not really sure how you would spell the word he was really saying, this does it no justice)

MMcT "What are you saying Dragon boy?"

D "Ishus, Ishus"

MMcT "Jesus?"

D "Nooooooooo, Ishus, Ishus"

L" Are you saying Jesus? He's saying Jesus mum"

MMcT "Are you saying Jesus?" (he's already made it clear he's not but I'll humor Lion)

D "no, Ishus"

L "God?" (yeah, because that sounds like Ishus)

D "No, Ishus, ISHUS"

MMcT "Ishus?"

D "no, ISHUS"

L "Simeon, are you saying Simeon?"

At this point the conversation stops with mummy practically crashing the car as she has fits of laughter. I thought the sunday school answers were Jesus, God and the Bible. Lion has re-written it to be Jesus, God and SIMEON!

Turns out he was trying to tell us something about Fishies. And I dont usually assume my kids are talking about something deep and spiritual, "Jesus" fitted the context of our conversation that had stopped a few minutes earlier. and Fishies, well, that is about all I picked up from what Dragon was trying to say, it was something to do with Fishies, no context, no clues, just Fishies.

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  1. LOL - that is so funny!
    Love the way Lion thought Simeon out of the blue!


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