Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Dessert for Dinner...

What do you do when you were going to have "Dessert for Dinner" and make this...

for your kids (and husband) but they (the kids) just wont leave you alone to cook and cooking with them is just more than you can deal with at the moment and as the afternoon wears on you really dont feel like doing a special dinner for the little ferals anyway? No seriously... what do you do? We usually eat at 6:30 and it's 6:10 now, and I have no idea. Probably should be figuring it out instead of blogging.

ps. I didnt ask your permission to use that photo, Mum-me, *bad blogger, bad, bad blogger* but I am hoping linking to you helps ease the deep anger you are feeling right now.
pps. No, Mum-me doesnt really get angry over things like this, she is very hard to frazzle, really, she has six kids, better things to do with her time!!!


  1. OK what did you do? Open a tin of baked beans (that's always my quick dinner idea)! The bread looks great though - YUM!

  2. I just read your last two posts.

    I am going find it hard to forgive you for putting into my children's head the idea of dessert for dinner, or more to the point "Cinnamon Rolls" for dinner.

    Possum read your blog last night and informed Dragon who came to me saying "Uncle and Aunty McT have cinnamon rolls for dinner - why can't we?" And I replied, "Because it's a breakfast thing." To which he points out, "But we sometimes have pancakes for dinner, and that's a breakfast thing."

    Don't you hate it when they have a decent argument.


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