Sunday, 26 October 2008

THE kindy cake...

This is the Kindy cake...

I was happy to get away from the character cake thing with the mountains of coloured sugary icing! I strongly suggested that he would like a construction site cake for his birthday and then we could do the same thing at kindy. He thought that was a great idea and so off we went, I made enough chocolate crackle "rocks" to feed the kindy class and gave the duplo digger a bath and we were ready to roll. I piled up the rocks and placed one in the scoop of the digger and spread around the other duplo construction paraphernalia and piled up the back of the digger with little duplo shovels and an oil can. I did make extra rocks for our own little gathering next sunday to celebrate surviving another year with two boys but we are slowly eating them so I guess I'll be going out to buy another packet of rice bubbles.
I got the idea from this post by Crystal at Little Bit Funky. I had been dreading the sugar-fest that would be with two birthdays four days apart and the thought of two cakes at a combined "party" so her cake really appealed to me and all kids love chocolate crackles! I just have to come up with something for Dragon's birthday. He did see a cake here (that Dawn of Because I Said So made) while I was looking for inspiration and he set his little heart on it but all that red and sugar and uugh, no thanks. So, another dragon inspired cake with maybe chocolate crackles for the burnt up remains of a knight in shining armor? or perhaps some fruit in the shape of a number 2? or... or... or... okay, so not such great ideas, I'll think of something by the party. Speaking of that I had better whip up an invite to get out to people... I'll leave you with a shot of the birthday boy enjoying his "cake"

PS. We saw 'Emily Loves To Bounce' at the theatre, it was a little disappointing, didn't hold at all to the book it was based on and was a bit modern-theatre-ish so the kids didnt really follow what was going on. Lion kept asking when Emily was coming out and I was trying to explain that it's not actually the story in the book, in this show Emily is a ball... Oh, confusing... But the bus trip was fantastic and I am sure next time he wont be at all concerned about going on a bus. He did wake up on the morning of the trip and told me that he had a dream about going on the bus... "was it a good dream or a yucky dream?" I asked him, "it was a good dream mummy because you were with me" YAY!!!


  1. That's a great idea for a kindy cake - because it looks very realistic (what 4 year old boy wouldn't want to eat a rock? Girls too, I suppose) and everyone gets the same amount.

    I shudder whenever I remember parents bringing shop-bought cakes in to pre-school and we had to figure out how to cut this little circular sponge cake into 30 pieces! Sometimes we bribed the children by offering a jelly bean if they wer happy to forego their 'speck' of cake.

  2. That looks great! What a fabulous idea for a cake - & much less messy than a traditional one!
    Hope you work out what to do for dragons birthday!

  3. Great work. The 'cake' looks fantastic. Might have to copy that in a few years time.

    I am with 'Mum-me' in regards to cutting up a small woolworths cake into 30 pieces. I loved it when parents made cup cakes or muffins. Yay,Mummy McTavish for being so thoughtful!

    Love Aunty Wilbie

  4. That cake totally rocks!!
    He sure looked like he enjoyed it.
    I had seen an amazing Dragon Cake (will get back to you with the link) but does fall into the lots of icing and lolly category.
    Good luck and great job!


    Found the link! It's a gorgeous looking dragon even if it doesn't meet your criteria :>

    Have fun deciding.

  6. Sandra - that dragon cake looks great, I almost thougth I would do it this year but it's just more than I could be bothered with this week :(
    I am figuring the icing/lolly thing is just a dream so I'm not getting too fussy about it. I will be filing that cake away for next year though when I plan on being super organised and all that stuff.

  7. What a great idea! And it looks like he had fun too!


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