Saturday, 8 November 2008

Cranky Neighbours

Remember this photo? If you can't then you can refresh your memory by clicking here. North Queensland.

This sign talks about 'Freshies', a freshwater crocodiles. Here we think they are not so cranky. leave 'em alone and they will leave you alone. Last week the local news reported that people were complaining about a 4metre 'saltie' in the area. The EPA went looking for it and caught a 2 metre 'freshie' at the same place where we took this photo... however, they are still looking for the 'Saltie' that is hanging around the same area.

'Salties'... not good, they are cranky and they will have a go at anyone or anything.


  1. Better keep a close eye on your sweet little morsels, I mean, boys.

  2. I reckon the witnesses probably say the littler Freshy. No one wants to let the truth get in the way of a good story and what's a couple of metres between friends?
    How many weirs would a Salty have to negotiate to get there? But our boys won't be swimming there anyway, will they?

  3. I'm thinking I wouldn't be headed back there any time soon. No salties or meanies for me please. AAAACK! I'm a big chicken and they like chicken.

  4. Probably wouldn't swim there for a while. Hopefully they catch it (if it really is still there & someone hadn't mistaken the freshie for it).


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