Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ice Cream - You Scream

Lion pleased that the new Bash-Kins has opened.

The Boys have discovered the joys of ice cream. They liked it before but now it's becoming an obsession. Every Friday when I take Lion to 'kindy' we drive past a highway being build and he says 'Daddy, when we can drive on that superhighway you will take me and Draggy to 'Frosty Mango' for an ice cream.'

Frosty Mango is a fair hike, a long way to go for an ice cream and for a while there I thought it was because he was anxious to get onto the new highway, but now I know it's just for the ice cream. For a time we had a Subway Sandwich Shop nearby which included a Baskin Robbins Ice cream selection, and whenever we went within spitting distance of it he would ask to go in for ice cream. Then the inevitable happened... Baskins moved out to open a shop in a new area of town and his world came crashing down.

Lion: 'Let's go to Bash-Kins for an ice cream Daddy'
Wolf: Sorry mate they aren't there anymore
L: NOOOO! they ARE!
W: Take a look for yourself (I take him into the shop and show him the empty area where the ice cream selection used to be.)
L: oh no, they are gone. Daddy they're GONE! (Bursts into tears)
Mummy McTavish has to consol him then and tell him that the new shop will be opening soon and we will go there one day. And as you can see from the top photo we did and Lion was very happy.

One of Dragon enjoying an ice cream at the new Bash-Kins

Dragon loves to share, even if it is food (Lion wouldn't let Draggy have a lick of his)

At least we know what his 'hot button' is to make him behave. And its been working because we have visited almost every ice cream shop in our little town as a reward for him being good.

Some more Photos from last night. Lion was exceptionally good for Mummy McT yesterday even when she wasn't having a good day. So we had a treat.

'What's that in my ice cream?'

'It was just a chocky sprinkle not a bug... I hope'

'It was yummy whatever it was.'

-Wolf McT

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  1. I remember taking Possum and Dragon for ice cream treats when they were that age. It was a very special treat for them.

    Taking the clan for ice cream these days is a very, very, very, very special treat as it would cost us about $50.


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