Monday, 17 November 2008

Handy Hygiene Hints

Lion : "Mum, our car has germs on it"
Mummy McTavish: "Yes sweetie, that is why we don't lick our car"

There seemed no other fitting response to such a statement from my little Lion.

I hereby decree that there shall be no car licking in the McTavish household now that I know that useful piece of wisdom.


  1. That's so funny!

    Cakes has licked the car before too. And also the table at McDonalds, and the doorknob of a convenience store restroom.

    It kind of makes me want to barf just thinking about it!

  2. ha ha! Kids can be so gross. My son was playing outside most of the day yesterday and came inside for lunch. He took off his rubber boots and dumped dirt all over the floor. Being 8 1/2 months pregnant, I decided to leave it there until he went back outside. He was drinking a cup of juice and spilled some of it on the floor right where the dirt was and then proceeded to lick it up off the floor. I was mortified and asked him what the heck he thought he was doing. His reply was that he didn't want to go and get a towel so he just licked it up.

  3. I must add, although Lion has licked many things that make my skin crawl to think about, as far as I am aware he has never actually licked the car. The supermarket floor, yes, but not the car. This makes his comment all the stranger.


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