Monday, 17 November 2008

Come to Australia

Further to this, this, and this that we have previously blogged about and this that my SIL mum-me has alerted me to (seen one of these all too closely) comes this great song from the Scared Weird Little Guys. These fellas are funny, check them out on youtube sometime (not now, you should be reading my blog right now).

Ahh, the land down-under. Known for it's beaches, reef, rainforests, weird accent and menagerie of death. Our backyard is plenty big enough to fit your tent in, come and stay for a while, or until something gets you...


  1. I was in Sydney for about a week back in September. It was my first visit to Australia and people here (in the U.S.) actually warned me about some of those lovely creatures. :)
    Despite the potential for being killed by any variety of Australian wildlife, I had a LOVELY time and can't wait to visit again!

  2. That was funny. I liked the shot of the emu right at the end. It had a really 'inviting' look on it's face, not. (More like a 'Don't you even try it' type of look.)

  3. LOL - that is just so funny. You know I live with some of those - so far haven't been killed!
    That song is absolutely hilarious!

  4. That's a funny song!!

    The look on the emu's face at the end was very 'uninviting'!!

    The line 'You might accidentally get killed' is quite funny!!

  5. Ha ha ha ha! I needed that this morning!

  6. This was hysterical! After watching too much Animal Planet, I had mentioned to my husband that I wasn't sure I wanted to visit Aussie-land based on the proliferation of vicious creatures there....


  7. I grew up thinking I lived in the most boring country because we didn't have lions and tigers and other man-eaters. My education must have been very very limited at that stage. I think I've met that emu at a drive through zoo once and I thought I was going to lose an eyeball.

  8. I really like that song!! So do my 4 little sisters! I just seem to play it over and over!

    I think I might put a link to it from my blog!

  9. Love love LOVE Scared Weird Little Guys. I know that song by heart (and can sing along too a few too many other SWLG songs... :P)


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