Thursday, 4 December 2008

As the phone rings...

well, actually our phone hasnt been ringing for a while now... I am still doing battle with telstra... I figured since I gave my rant about the bad points of telstra I would give their one good point... There is a lovely girl in one of their call centres who helped me today and took extra care to find out why our phone hasn't been reconnected yet and helped me gather all the information I needed to write my seething letter of complaint. She even gave me the direct number for reconnections just in case this attempt doesnt work. "hey" I hear you say "wasnt that a week ago that you said it would be 4 hours until your phone came back on?"
yes it has been a week, actually this has been going on since the 18th of November. So in their own words...



  1. You've been added to my blogroll! :)

  2. Is the phone back on yet?

    You are tagged for an award/meme/thingy. It's on my blog. Come see!

  3. That's terrible- can't believe it's taken them so long! Hope it gets reconnected really soon.


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