Tuesday, 30 December 2008

We apologise for this break in transmission...

We will be back on deck with a catch up of all things Christmas soon.
For now just check out my little spunk-rat.
*edited to add- "aaarrrgggghhhh, my card reader just fritzed on me and I just went to every single computer store this morning so I dont fancy going back to get a new card reader and now I have no idea when I will get the rest of the images off the card, aaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh"


  1. It just shows how much we rely on ccomputer technology now a days - we're lost without it. Hope you can get up and running soon, we miss you.

  2. he is soo cute, lol love the glasses

  3. So cute! When my little boys put on goggles or glasses of any kind they say, "I'm Sexxxyyyy!" Thanks to their big brothers.

    Yes, the Christmas clean up is making me a little crazy.

    Sorry about your card reader!

  4. What a cutie!

    Do you have a USB cable? You could plug that in and it should read it right off onto the computer. You can open it under ...something or other.

    Yeah, not much help there, but it is worth a try! :-)

  5. cute pic! I'm also behind on Christmas transmission. Sorry about the card reader:(. I was going to suggest a USB cable as well...

  6. You think you are behind - I am still posting November :-)

    Hugs to Dragon - you are such a cutie pie.


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