Thursday, 25 December 2008

Feliz Navidad

That's Dragon's favourite Christmas carol lately. Only he sings it Liz Nanny Up, Liz Nanny Up, Liz Nanny Up, Liz Nanny Up, Liz Nanny Up... well you get the picture. Lion has also misinterpreted the line "from the bottom of my heart" as "from the bottle of my art"

We get some great songs around here.
Head, shoulders, knees and nose.
It's the final meltdown.
His "Spanish" version of Incy Wincy
The Boars Head Carol.

And speaking of The Boars Head Carol, that is Lion's favourite carol at the moment. They sang Away in a Manger during the kids talk for our Christmas service this morning and the minister asked the musicians to play it quietly so he could hear the kids singing. One of the other mothers turned to me and said she didn't think her kids knew it. I was pretty sure Lion had sung it at kindy but was doubtful if he knew it enough to sing it. He was wandering the local shops last week singing The Boars Head Carol and he doesn't know Away in a Manger... That's my boy.

So, it's 11:30 Christmas night. Lion has JUST gone to sleep and Dragon has only been out for about half an hour. I am loading songs onto my spiffy new iPod and getting really frustrated that it doesn't come with an instruction manual.

Hi, My name is Mummy McTavish and I read instruction manuals.

I know, I know, it's dorky, it's lame, it's just not right but I do. Christmas is a very hard day for me when the grinch Wolf opens the boxes of the toys and gets them out and then the kids come to me because it doesn't work and I track down the instructions STILL IN THE BOX MUSHED UP WITH THE WRAPPING PAPER and have to figure it out after half the pieces have been lost already. Or when I get something technical and I want to sit down with it and with the instructions and figure it out and those "helpful" people around want to "teach" me how to use it. "yeah, thanks but you probably haven't read the instructions so no, I'll learn it myself if that's okay".

Okay, enough of that... It's been a lovely day with family. Remembering the REAL Christmas message with the boys. Napping. Eating. Playing. Reading instructions.

I wanted to go to each of the blogs I regularly read and leave a Christmas message but it's now after Christmas and I haven't done that. You are all special though, I hope you Christmas was as wonderful as ours and you have some precious time off with your family. (yay, 3 whole days for us!!!!)

Merry Christmas,
Clan McTavish


  1. Don't really know the time difference between our two continents but at 2:00 AM my time I thought of you, realizing that all the madness was over and you were probably relaxing watching them play.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. When I couldn't work out why the songs hadn't transferred to my ipod shuffle, do you know what thought actually crossed my mind -
    oh no, I am getting old! The instructions seemed so incredibly simple, yet so incredibly gen Y. Or Gen I'm Too Cool For Anything That Can't Be Done On A Computer. I think that's the next one after Y.

  3. Glad you had a great day! Hey and my pav just needed one thing - alcohol!!!! I may invent the brandy pavalova! Do you think it'll catch on???

  4. Wow, another self-confessed instruction reader! It was a bit daunting to me as well, the whole 'just plug the ipod into your computer and let go of all control thing....'

    So glad you had a wonderful day--and I love the new Feliz Navidad lyrics--I may have to switch over to them!!


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  6. I'm curious - how does the "Boar's Head Carol" go?

  7. @St. B - If you click on the Boars Head Carol link I am pretty sure that post had they words. It's got a lot of Latin in it.

    Just checked and it actually has a link to an outside source for the words but you can track them down through that.


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