Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Can Anyone Say Dysentery?

If puddles on the ground are at a church, can I class that as holy water?

Holy water wouldn't cause dysentery would it???

Dragon showed off his dog impersonation skills this morning at bible study by lapping up water from the puddles on the ground. Not once, or twice but over and over and over. I figured after the first mouthful it was all downhill, he had a taste for it then. I never thought I would have to say "don't drink from puddles" but aparently this is something that you need to clear up for kids like Dragon, "water from cups and drinkbottles = good. Water from grotty dirty puddles on the pavers = bad". He came home in just a nappy with a towel across him to stop the aircon in the car from making him too cool.

We had bible study this morning. It's a wonderful group of ladies, we mostly come from the same church and we all go to the church playgroup. The kids are cared for by wonderful helpers while we do our study. Afterwards we all go and claim our darlings and stand around chatting for a bit (this is when the above holy water incident occured). It started pouring down rain about half way through and two of us sitting next to each other working on some questions together both realised our windows were all open at home (we both live reasonably close to the church, enough to know it would be raining at our houses too). Still at that point there isnt much you can do about it, just wait till you get home and mop up.

We only lost a book to the rain. It's not really lost, just a little damp on the cover. The window sill is swollen in spots from the water getting into the wood where the boys have bashed chips out of the paint but I know from experience that it will dry out and unswell. The fabric on the back of a chair got damp and the rocking horse did too but they are fine.

This was a random post with no photos because your camera is never around when you need it.


  1. We could certainly use a good soaking rain here in my neck of the woods--and my floors and window sills would probably benefit too! ;o)


  2. My washing is on the line. Not much point in getting it off now.
    Last week when it was raining and I was trying to explain to Ralph that rain is made of water, and that if you put a cup in the rain it will fill up and you can drink it. He was filling up the cup from a puddle on the ground because he wasn't quite patient enough to collect enough in the cup from the sky. Aren't boys charming?

  3. Well, at least he wasn't playing in the public toilet like my kid was at the age....eeeeewwww!

  4. Could be worse, you could find dirty brown water dripping into your keyboard that had leaked into the roof because of the pidgeon nests blocking up the drain pipes & then you turn the light on to clean up the mess & you almost burn the house down because of all the water short circuiting the electronics :-)

    Dragon should have the constitution of an ox by now (I say this with love - you know Little Bear is no better), so I would say fresh puddle water is no worse than dirty hands mixed with drool. BTW - It's not just a boy thing ;-p

  5. Love it! This post brought vivid pictures of most of my boys eating and drinking out of the dogs dish.

    Bible study sounds so fun! I love getting together with other moms!

    By the way you leave the best comments!

  6. Ahhh...I love Bible Studies with Mommies!

    Rain, not so much.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  7. *sigh* So many things we moms have to give up. Like clean water.


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