Thursday, 29 January 2009

Climbing The Wall & Shaking Your Tail Feathers

Adventure #1:
Today I found a Spiderman outfit, it almost fits. I've seen Spiderman on TV and he can climb up walls. How does he do it? I can't seem to get a grip... maybe Mummy has polished it with anti-grip, I never see the Gek-Geks* walking on the walls this low down. If I stand on this stool maybe I can get high enough to get a better grip just like the Gek-Geks get. For some reason my spidey-fingers are not working. OK, I'll just use Mummy's 'precious' uni project to get a better grip. **FLASH** "What are you doing?" Oh no it's my arch-Nemesis Daddy Gorg, and he has a camera and a look which spell trouble (even though I don't know how to spell, I know it spells trouble with a capital Tru). Quick, act cool, think quick and talk your way out if.

'I'm climbing the walls, Daddy. I don't have a car to drive up the wall, like Mummy, so I have to climb... Hey look at my muscles aren't they big?' Daddy's laughing... yay saved by the Dragon's Tummy Man.'
*Gek-Geks are geckos, because that's the sound they make all the time, Gek-Gek, Gek-Gek, Gek-Gek.
Adventure #2:
Dragon thinks he's a chicken, we sometime pretend to be baby birds and try to fly, but we just can't get the flying right, we fall most of the time. Dragon had a good idea the other day, he took Mummy's feather duster and stuck it down his pants... now he looks like a real chicken. He wore it around for quite a long time, and it made me cranky, all those great tail feathers and no shaking them... 'Come on Draggy' stop scratching around on the floor and give me that rooster tail. I'll show you how to use it right.

This is how you shake your tail feathers... it drives the girls wild, just listen to Mummy screaming now!
-Lion McTavish.


  1. What a classic - both of them.

  2. I love it !!!

    I can just see the dance that went with the photo of Lion shakin those tail feathers.

  3. LOL - too funny! Your boys are complete clowns at times!


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