Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Dragon hasn't seemed to grasp his native tongue as well as Lion could as his age.

His strangest one is the use of the world 'anymore'.

Sometimes he uses it for punctuation. If you are tickling him or Mummy is singing and he wants you to stop he says:
Stop that! Anymore.

But my favourite one is when we pull the plug in the bath, if he is still in the water when it starts to gurgle and form the vortex he starts panicking.

Dad! Get ti ti ti MEow-ti ti ANYMORE! Don't ti ti ti go. Down. Drain
anymore. ANYMORE!

I couldn't understand why he was afraid of the plug hole, until one day Lion was singing a song.

Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir three bags full.

One for the Master and

One for the Dame and

One for the little boy who lives down the DRAIN!

Possibly also because I told him that he shouldn't stick his... um,.. his finger.. down or he might get it stuck.

Sorry no photo's of Dragon "freakin' out" but here's a normal bath time occurrence. It's a small snippet from 'The McTavish Bath Time Gospel Hour'.


  1. The lyrics for anyone interested...

    Here comes Jesus
    See Him walking on the water
    He'll lift you up
    And He'll help you to stand
    Here comes Jesus
    He's the Master of the waves that roll
    Here comes Jesus
    He'll make you whole.

    You start quiet and slow and each time you sing it through you get louder and faster. I love Patsi Bisco!

    and to clarify the ti ti ti, is Dragon's stutter that is at the wrong end of his words. favoring words ending in t, d, k and p sounds.

    My boys are the CUTEST! (but I'm so glad bath time is daddy's domain)

  2. I'm so glad you posted the lyrics in the comment. I think you must be taking them to the wrong church they seem to be a couple of natural pentecostals.

  3. So cute! Katie has her weird little wordisms as well. She has lots of struggles with her speech. Her bigges problems are with consanents. Ironically, she can repeat spanish and french perfectly due to the lack of consanents at the end.

  4. One day you'll realise he hasn't said "anymore" in a while and you'll be sad...

    ...OK enough derpressing talk from me!

    Have a good one!

  5. Great singing boys!

    Kitcat uses the word 'anything' to mean 'nothing', which is rather confusing at times.

  6. An energetic performance and very tuneful! Grateful for the lyrics. Wonderful they enjoy them.
    Our word in our house is actually. Said more ak-u-lee. As in akulee I would like wiggles weetbix. Or in less obvious contexts. Row had a lot of speech difficulties earlier but they're much improved now with a bit of time and visiting the speechie. Or maybe I've gotten used to him.

  7. And they sing with such gusto! What a great bathtub performance!

  8. LOL Love the misuse of "anymore". LOL
    keith misuses a lot of words still, at 7 yrs old. (I think he does some just to be "cute")


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