Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My Husband is WONDERFUL!

(we've got some good genes flowin' here)

I have the most wonderful husband on earth. I went to bed at the same time (probably a bit before) the boys last night and my wonderful husband stayed up and put the leftovers away, did some washing, did lots of dishes, cleaned the lounge, probably other stuff I haven't noticed yet. This morning I asked him not to go to work because I needed a hand with Dragon (yes I need more help with only one child than when I have two) so he has stayed home. sort of. He took Lion to kindy and took Dragon for the drive and I went back to bed. About an hour later I realised that he probably had gone somewhere else with Dragon since it's 40 minutes round trip to kindy.
Two and a half hours later he brings Dragon home just in time for a nap (which Dragon was none too keen on) and keeps doing stuff around the house. He is plowing through my to do list so fast! He's not doing things the way I do them but I am so very much not caring about that right now. For all I care he could be putting the dishes in the linen cupboard at least they are clean.
He had a lovely boys morning of shopping with Dragon which he will probably post about because he took photos. And I had a lovely rest -I think I may have slept more than my body can handle because I lay down now and sleep doesn't come but I am happy just to not be upright.
So I just wanted to brag that my husband is the greatest!
On another note... Can anyone let me know when we became a US state? We didn't have this much coverage of Big Kev Rudd coming to office. I do have my suspicions that it may be that the media was hoping something big would happen, you know, like someone throw a shoe at Obama or something, and they would be showing it Live as it happens. 10hours of Inauguration television! Thankfully because of the time difference it started late last night and I reckon it only stopped because of the tennis needing to be shown this morning (not even the first African-American President can stop us Aussies watching sport). The bits I watched were on 7 and their "broadcast partners" were NBC who had terrible terrible commentary. I realise when the motorcade or parade or whatever it was was going so slow and all the camera is showing is the BBB (big black beast (the car)) there is only a limited number of intelligent things you can come up with to say. I think Mrs Obama (I'm not American, I don't know her name) needed to rug up a bit more though, poor thing looked soooooo cold, you'd think they could have designed some heat pillows or something into her dress (I'll take warmth over fashion any day). And the SS guys who "can't do up their coats just in case they need to reach for something... like a gun" (seriously NBC that is what one of your commentators said) looked rather chilly as well, although were trying not to show it.
Anyway, I'm off to go and lay down again... I know it's getting bad when I think "ugh, I don't want to lay down again". I WILL BE BETTER SOON!


  1. Your husband sounds a lot like mine who cleans and cooks and does just about anything that needs to be done. (Sounds like you saw more inauguration coverage than I did, and I'm in the U.S.!)

    Hope you feel better soon!


  2. He's certainly changed since he lived with us! Maybe there is some truth in a good woman changing a man after marriage. But then, I think, all husbands are like that???

  3. That's a nice photo.

    I don't quite get the whole 'live-action' American president bizzo either. I'm Australian through and through, and while I'm happy to see on the news that there is a new President, I don't need to see the whole shebang. I don't even need to see the whole shebang of Australian elections etc, let alone of another country!

    Though, he's not bad to look at.

  4. I agree with Queen Stuss. Some wise person once said that "no matter who you elect you get a politician". That's about it. I'm very glad that an African American could be elected, but I don't need to hear about every bit of it over and over. I pray that he and his family don't become targets for every fanatic who wants a moment of fame.
    Closer to home. I'm glad Mummy McTavish is being so well looked after by Wolf. Does that make him a sheep in wolf's clothing?

  5. Wow... I am very impressed by Wolf. :)

    Michelle is Mrs. Obama's first name.

    I watched the live coverage yesterday, but of course (being a U.S. citizen) I expected 24 hours of news footage. In fact... they are replaying it right now as I type this. :)

    I can appreciate the historical significance of yesterday's inauguration, but sometimes enough is enough.

  6. We were discussing this last night, because I was a little lost as to why the Australian media seemed to think that the historical significance of a black american president mattered so much to us in Australia.
    There isn't a parallel between a black American and an Australian Aboriginal. The correct parallel would be an American Indian, or, in Australia, maybe a Greek, Italian, Chinese or Vietnamese Prime Minister. But the latter doesn't quite match the same.

    Just wanted to say that.

  7. Wolf, "When you're finished with MMcT's To Do list jump on a plane and come down here to get started on mine!"

    Just thought that particular "Grandma-ism" might take you on a little trip down memory lane.


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