Monday, 19 January 2009

Dragonism Number One.


  1. Did my little Dragon really say that????

  2. Methinks the mighty wolf is feeling sensitive about his Son the Dragon's affinity with his pretty pink piggy handbag (oops - I mean the wild boar man-bag).

  3. I think it is a very interesting juxtaposition of the fluffy pink piggy handbag & the crossed feet as opposed to the 'Croc-Hunter' khaki's, Sunnies and Fire Station play set.

    Lightly seasoned with a mildly witty one liner just adds to the irony of the situation.

    It was supposed to be one in a series of photos captioned with phrases from 'Madagascar 1 & 2' but I ran out of time and thought that this one could stand alone without the explanation.

    Stay tuned....

  4. Cute!
    I personally enjoy the "wild boar man-bag". It's quite becoming!

  5. Dragon is looking pretty fly--


  6. THIS IS A RIOT!!!!!!! Reminds me of my 2 boys to a "T"!!!

  7. I remember when Wolf was a little boy that I always had problems with him when trying to take a photo in the sun - "Oh, Dad, the sun is hurting my eyes!" - Like father like son, well at least one.

  8. Funny!!!
    I just recently got new sunnies because the sun hurt my eyes sometimes!!! :)

  9. Ha! Very much like younger versions of my boys. Nathan likes pretending to be Rowan's girlfriend. Interesting.
    Am liking the images. Looking forward to the Madagascar series.


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