Sunday, 4 January 2009

Miscellaneous Photos & Stories

The Boys love to do a lot of things together, mainly fight, but here are a few shots where they are playing well with each other.

Noses (and hat) from the dress-up box kept them occupied for a few minutes.

Dragon: 'LOOK! ME! DOGGY!' (translation: Look at me I'm a dog, eating from the bowl.)

Lion: 'I'm a doggy too, my turn Draggie.'

After a trying church service where they wouldn't stop fidgeting and squirming, they sat, angelic-like on the pew and cuddled for half and hour, delighting all the old ladies. If only they did that during the sermon.

You know you're a parent when the brand new toilet roll you just put out, all ends up on the floor. This is what it looked like after Lion was caught unrolling it, he quickly rolled it back up. Next time he wads up the end, throws it in the bowl and then flushes, so that it will unroll as the end gets sucked down the S-Bend, i'll try and get a photo.

This was Dragon's favourite thing for a while. A soft drink can which blew up while sitting in the sun, became the home to a toad for a while. Every chance he could get, Dragon would want to go outside and visit his 'froggy-friend'. He would squat down by the can and talk to it.

Here is Dragon, practicing being a 'Customs Inspector'.

Here's my 'Bargain of the Year' It was marked $25.95 and I bought it for $4.95. Yeah, it's a beanie and living in a place where the temperature doesn't drop below 10 degrees Celcius in winter, I'm hoping to maybe use is sometime on holiday. Still, it made me cranky to know that these guys were still making a profit selling it for $4.95. How many of these did they sell at $25.95? Here I am in a business where I'm lucky to make a 40% profit on a new item and the customers still get cranky at the prices (while wearing a $25.95 beanie which they happily paid full price for).


  1. I decided to click on your icon after posting a comment to Octamom and immediately smiled when I saw the darling photographs of your two boys. How cute they are! And the whole sitting by the froggy can, talking, is so sweet.

    Nice that you have another month off from routine! I go back to work tomorrow; my students arrive on Tuesday.

  2. I think the noses would look great with the beanie. My boys are into beanies and fighting and creating a riot at church...must be boys.

    I'd love to know more about your business.

  3. I doubt they still made a profit on that beanie :P

  4. Mummy McTavish. It is only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway. Otherwise it's just clutter.
    So, I'm going to assume you bought it for when Wolf starts to go bald....

  5. @Queen Stuss... I DID NOT BUY THAT BEANIE!!!! I cannot believe you would think that I would purchase a beanie in NQ let alone one with fuzz sticking out the top! Surely you know me better than that... Dont you???

  6. @Queen Stuss... I know, I wouldn't have bought it if it was the marked price.

    What I was doing was the typical female thing of saying 'Look I saved $200 on these shoes!' When she really lowered the level of the savings account by $400!*

    *disclaimer, that example was not an actual McTavish event, just an example.

  7. I'm sorry, I didn't notice that it was actually Wolf who wrote that post.
    Unfortunately, Mummy McT, I do know you and could believe that you might just buy a beanie...
    But I don't believe you would buy a $400 pair of shoes. (ha ha, your secret's safe with me....)


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