Monday, 5 January 2009

My big boy...

Lion goes back to kindy this week. We asked for a place for two days preferably Thursday-Friday but they weren't able to do that. He got a Friday same as last year but we had to take a Wednesday instead so it's a bit frustrating that we have a day in between but it was our second preference and better than one at the start of the week and one at the end. I was disappointed that he would be missing playgroup on Wednesdays but playgroup changed to a Tuesday so it will make things frantic to get to bible study which is now on a Wednesday but I decided to step back from being a leader this year so I think we'll be alright. (confused yet? I am)

I "lost" the offer letter so I had to ring kindy today to double check. I thought I had thrown out Wolf's jury duty letter off the fridge but it's still there so I am assuming I threw out the kindy offer letter accidentally instead.

I thought we would go out this morning to get him one new shirt (his shirts from last year are still fine, stained but fine) and maybe some new boardies since Dragon now fits his too so we need a few more. But he doesn't want any new ones, I told him I would at least soak his old ones to try and make them look a little less trashed. He doesn't do any craft at kindy but somehow comes home covered in paint and glue.

I am thinking that tomorrow I will just go buy him a new shirt so that he can look flash for his first day photo. He needs a new hat too, his head has grown so much in the last year, and it's never been small... you can be glad I wasn't blogging when I had him, there's a birth story no first time mum needs to hear... You put the skinny little fella in swimmers so you can see how scrawny he is and he could be mistaken for a (very very cute) bobble-head.

I'd better do groceries tomorrow so I have lunch to send with him too.
Can you believe I never posted his first day of Kindy photo last year? I just went looking for it and I got the post partly done but never finished it. So 12 months late here is my Lion on his first day of Kindy EVER!

The next step is to start deciding where we want to send him to school next year. We definitely don't want him going to our zoned school (it's a bit derro) so we need to get his name down somewhere (anywhere) else so that he can get a place.


  1. Funny, I was JUST thinking about school in Australia today and wondering if kids there are off for summer (Australian summer) and what your school year is - ie. do they start a new grade in jan-feb or in september like us?

  2. We decided not to put Jack in Pre-school this year. He will wait until next january now. Samuel starts big school in a couple of weeks too. We put our older kids in a private school until we could find a house (big enough) in the school zone that we wanted our kids to go too. They have now been in the public system for 5yrs and are doing well. But our public school is fantastic. Some are not I agree (like the one in our previous suburb). Anyway good luck with the big school decision. I am lucky all my boys theywill allready be 5 when they start and I didnt have to make a choice(all ther B'days are after sept but before feb). But all my girls were 4 turning 5 in the may. But they of course were ready to go or we would never have sent them.

  3. hmmm... my brother's girlfriend's mum teaches at your zoned school. She would probably agree with you decision by the sounds of it.

  4. Instead of making new look old go to the Op shop on the corner - you'd probably save $$ as well.

  5. I am heading off to Trade Secret (outlet shop where wolf got his beanie). I bought his shirts there last year for a couple of $$ each. Kindy has quite specific requirements for their shirts due to sun, mozzies, etc.

  6. He's adorable!
    My kids both had huge heads at birth... and you're right... no first time mum needs to hear those stories! :)

  7. Seeing as I haven't had a sibling in kindy for over ten years, I'm a bit out of the loop.

    When I and my siblings went through, we did one year kindy, one year preschool (now prep I realise) then into Grade 1. What's the arrangement now where they 2 years of kindy? Did he start a year 'earlier' to do two years?


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