Saturday, 7 February 2009

Blogger rage....

So I read a blog post about using text talk and some other stuff. I left a comment mostly on the other stuff and accidentally used the wrong lose/loose. So most people turned the text talk angst into general spelling and grammar angst and one in particular left this comment...

"My biggest nailbiting words are LOSE and LOOSE. It drives me batty when someone writes, "I need to loose weight." I could scream and I see it at least once a day when reading blogs online. In fact, I've seen it VERY recently...that's all I'm going to say...."

Sooo, I was tempted to write a really grammatically incorrect comment on the same post for her to read but I don't like hijacking other peoples blogs.

I thought of emailing her direct and leaving a polite note on etiquette and how petty her comment was. Alas, no link from her comment. Then when I decided that there was nothing I could do that wouldn't lower me to her level I started thinking of all the really great things I could do...

  • Find her blog, search through for the post she wrote really late at night and didn't check through very well and go through it with a fine tooth comb marking all mistakes in red and email it back to her.
  • Send her a scathing email about her comment being rich coming from someone living in the country that has butchered the English language more than any other. (sorry, I love you all but really...)
  • Find her blog and leave heaps of dodgily spelt and grammatically incorrect comments.
  • hmmm... still thinking.

So, that was my vent for today. I've been cooped up inside for too long and I'm going crazy. I would never actually do any of these things, not even the passive ones, it just made me cranky. Make the comment about what drives you nuts sure, but don't point out a specific incident in another comment.

Have you ever flamed anyone? Have you really wanted to? Really, never?

Disclaimer: I don't have great spelling or grammar (which you have probably noticed) but it seems I do know more than most my age (sad really). I just get so cranky when a Spelling Nazi has to get on their high horse and belittle others over a mistake, just a mistake caused by commenting and cooking dinner at the same time. To her I say SORRY, I am sorry I offended you so greatly by my mistake, I shall be more careful in the future. Not that she reads this blog.


  1. Hey, I make errors like that all the time when I am trying to squeeze in a comment before going to look after the girls who are calling me to wipe their bottom or nose or something else...

    But at least that person (who attacked your spellng) left an identity - my biggest gripe about comments is when I read a scathing attack written by 'anonymous'. I think those all those 'anonymous-es' must be very insecure.

  2. I type fast all the time and I am sure that I leave errors all over the place.

  3. That's it - you don't deserve to live. I have to say, I think your spelling and grammar are pretty good. She is just rude. I am surprised that her most 'nailbiting' experience in life is about spelling and grammar - especially since she wrote nailbiting as one word when it is infact two!

  4. I think there is a blog subset of blog-nazis out there who simply have a need to put someone down and blog-world is a safe place for them because they don't have to actually face the people they abuse. Like Mum-me said they are definitely insecure. I would add cowardly to that and small-minded and fanatical and attention seeking and. . .

  5. Oh good grief! Who doesn't mis-spell or use incorrect grammar?

    And why bother pointing it out in her comment... she could have just left off that last bit and still made her point... people are just mean.

    Please don't expect to come to my blog and find accurate spelling or grammar!! :)

  6. Great post!!! On one blog I read, the author was being attacked for her grammar in one of her titles by a LOT of people. She finally got down to the bottom of the grammatical rule from a professor she knows and she was right!! Ha ha! Justice!

  7. And PS there is a big difference between poor grammar/not knowing how to spell and just having a darn typo!

  8. Awww, thanks guys:)

    Can you pick which comment is from my mummy??? Ouch, don't cross one of her little chickies.

    I agree with the points about leaving nasty anon comments, that is just not on. If a blog upsets you just don't comment, don't leave scathing mean spirited comments and no name.

    We have such lovely bloggy friends:) now go comment on Wolf's rain-dance post... he gets upset if I get more comments than him!

  9. Mum's are good! It is a bit off when people lay into one another over trivial things. A little bit of perspective is needed.
    I did upset someone last night, quite unintentionally. The name on the request form was Kristin XXXXX and in the gender spot there was a F. I looked around the room and only saw four very butch blokes. The Doc said to one of them have you had your xray yet and I showed the doc the form (all in line of view of the tough blokes) with it's offending F. The 6 foot 6 bloke was really annoyed about being called a female again! Towering above me, he said do I look like I'm female. I said no but he didn't look any happier. I really hope he wasn't undergoing gender reassignment.
    It's easy to set off people's pet peeves accidentally.

  10. Oooohhhh really? I just can't handle people like that. There's no reason to critique someone. If you notice a mistake just move on. That's why it's called a mistake. She obviously knew what you meant. Apparently the people who get annoyed by little meaningless things like that have nothing else pressing in their lives to worry about. All I can say to that is aren't they lucky.

    The farther I get away from school (which is now 24 years, YIKES) the less I remember stuff.

    Much love from NJ,

  11. I hate it when people are petty like that. It's so easy to accidently make basic errors - it's not that you don't know what's correct - it's that your brain is slower than your typing!

  12. Haha. I am pretty spelling/ grammar-nazi, but I don't really bother pointing out people's errors anymore; not online, at any rate. It's so prolific there's no point. If it's someone who really should know better (like on a news article or something) then I'll leave a note, but otherwise there's really just no point.

    I have seen some pretty bad mix-ups. Like in a KMart catalogue once, I saw "Books for kids'". WHAT?? Just HOW does someone think an apostrophe belongs on the end of that? Otherwise my pet peeves are people messing up your/you're, and they're/there/their. But like I said. Don't usually bother pointing it out anymore :P


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