Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rain Dance for Mum-me

Mum-me said...
Please get your two little rain-sogged darlings to do and rain dance (and prayer) for us today - it's already 30*C at 9.30am and we're heading for 40 ..... and no air conditioning.

We have said our prayer but do you remember...

When I was boy we would be sent outside, Mum and Dad made us run around house to make a breeze. Now when I say house I mean it was a old coal hopper near the steel works blast furnace. 40*C! Ha! We used to dream of it cooling down to 40. Luxury!!

and now for the rain dance:

and the post rain dance - I like to call this one Splat!:


  1. I am not a Monty Python fan, so I didn't recognise the quote.

    Tell Lion and Dragon thanks for the rain dance - and the prayer - I hope it works. It's 12noon and 35*C already. The hottest part of our day is about 6 - 7pm.

    HB and I watched Supernova last night. Not the best show to watch when it's still 33*C at midnight!!

  2. Don't you remember being sent out to run around the house when it was 40 or hotter? The quote is mine and more a reflection of how good it is today compared to the 'Good Old Days of the 70s & 80s.

  3. I hope the boys did the 'right' raindance - ie. the one that sends the rain south and not the one that calls the rain to us :-)

    Very cute, either way !

  4. My father's influence means I am quite aware of the Monty Python allusion (? correct term)
    Love their get up! Hope it works and send rain down south.


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