Friday, 6 February 2009

Whatever the Weather

Hey mum, we're standing right were you saw the snake 2 days ago!
(helping daddy clean up for Cyclone Ellie)

We have a population of nearly 200,000. We need roads in and out of our city that will not be cut with a little bit of rain!

For as long as I have been paying attention to election "promises" we have been promised by every party that they will flood proof the North Queensland section of the Bruce Highway. At the moment we are getting VERY low on a lot of things.

I saw a sign today...

Currajong Meat Barn

I started laughing but Chimera pointed out that she had intended to get meat at the supermarket but there was nothing there.

There was nothing but SoGood on the milk shelves, yesterday I bought goats milk again since they were out of our cheaper option. Glad I didn't wait another day. We are also just about out of cream biscuits. Seriously, the shelves were just about empty. Obviously people need something to dip in their milk they all grabbed off the shelves between yesterday and today.

We are cut off to the north, south and west (we are on the east-coast so east is ALWAYS waterlogged, we like it that way). What I really don't understand though is we sent a barge load of stuff by sea to Cairns yesterday. Yeah, they probably got all our milk. I don't mind sharing but we don't really have all that much to share! I would think it would make more sense to keep what we have here and load up a couple of Hercules (or whatever they currently use) and take stuff to Cairns from further south. This way (sending from here) they will need to top us both up sooner.

Just ranting there... but notice how I put in cute pictures of my kids so you wont notice?

We saw a little duck family today. Well, it was quite a big duck family, nearly 10 of them probably. Mummy and her little darlings crossing 4.lanes.of.traffic. I was cheering them on, "Go little duckies, go little duckies". I probably would have cried if they got hit, they were just so cute.

The second and third photos in this post are from when Wolf let the boys go out in the rain the other day. He did do a scout around the yard first trying to make any snakes around really cranky make sure any snakes were scared off. They had a great time, Dragons already-breaking-in-a-way-that-wasn't-his-fault-and-can't-be-repaired umbrella got in an even worse shape. He got absolutely soaked but he wouldn't put his useless "underbrella" down.
Stupid blogger formatting is on the blink again... makes me cranky.


  1. You've got to hang these pictures on your wall in a progression. LOVE THEM! Can't believe all the water. Could you send some to California please?

  2. Well, maybe snakes is the governments way of providing. If they're big enough your car could just kind of float on them to the store. ooooh I think I just gave myself nightmares tonight....

  3. I've been following the news and weather accounts about your latest round of weather--and there have been many mentions of the snake and croc populations! Yikes!

    Hope the sogginess is starting to resolve!!


  4. Could your boys be any cuter in the rain?!?! I think not! WOW! You guys really are soggy...and I don't even want to talk about the snakes. I don't do snakes! YUCK!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Please get your two little rain-sogged darlings to do and rain dance (and prayer) for us today - it's already 30*C at 9.30am and we're heading for 40 ..... and no air conditioning.


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