Sunday, 8 February 2009

Contrasting Country

We are still cooped up inside so the boys are no longer doing anything cute for me to blog about. They are just terrorising each other, baiting each other, baiting their parents, terrorising their parents, eating everything in their paths, making mess wherever they put their little hands, just generally driving me batty. But after the day that so many other people have had I've been counting my 2 little blessings all day. So I shall share a bit more about the contrasts in our country.

picture here

Today nearly 100 people have lost their lives in huge firestorms in the drought-stricken south of our country. There are still many people unaccounted for so the death toll will rise. There isn't much more to say on that one, it's a terrible toll that is climbing very fast. Many many more have lost homes and businesses and pets and livestock.

Also today a king tide sent more houses underwater in the flooded north. A 5 year old boy was taken by a croc at Cape Tribulation after following his dog into the flood water. In Tully a car carrying 7 people was swept off the road and only 5 were able to be rescued, the other 2 men at the moment cannot be located. It is unlikely that story will have a happy ending. This news story covers both.

Ingham picture here

60% of Queensland is in flood at the moment. Ingham in the picture above is only 1 hour north of us and 1 hour south is Giru which is also mostly underwater. Low lying areas around here are under although nothing like the pictures we are seeing coming from areas like Normanton and Tully.

Now, in spite of it all, I still found this one kinda funny...

picture here


  1. I've been thinking about you guys and the rest of my Aussie friends.
    I got a text message from my friend in Sydney... he gave me more detail that what we've seen on the news here in Tennessee.
    Prayers and good thoughts headed your way!

  2. Wow! you're in the middle of such extremes, I will send some prayers for the north and south and for peace amongst your little ones.

    The sign did make me smile as well, seems a bit obvious I'd say.

  3. It is a huge contrast isn't it.
    Here in NSW we have had it a bit easier. But it has still been really hot weather over the past two weeks, but today we wake up and it's overcast and forecast to rain.
    When I saw the news this morning that a little boy had been taken by a croc I immediatly thought of you. So thanks for letting us know you are not in the flood waters.
    P.S I also thought had a little smile at that sign

  4. It's crazy isn't it. If only we could get some of your excessive water down to the fires, than all would be a lot easier for everyone.

  5. I read that 2300 homes were destroyed by the flooding in NQ, which is a much larger number than the 700 in the VIC fires. I guess the 700 are a bit more tragic because the flames were deliberately lit, but the 2300 could only be blamed on nature.

    Still, with devastation from the top of the country to the bottom - God is the only one who can help us.

  6. but, fire destroys EVERYTHING. There is probably still stuff salvagable from a flood.

  7. That's incredible!

    Praying for your country...


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