Monday, 9 February 2009

A time for everything...

A time to horde, a time to clean out your handbag.

The boys are being unnaturally wonderful and playing happily with duplo and watching TV. I thought I might take the opportunity to pack for my trip tomorrow. I was starting to worry, I am not a light packer so I wasnt sure I was going to be able to fit everything I need for overnight into just this

my massive mary poppins handbag and also one smaller handbag. I thought a good start would be cleaning out my big ol' handbag of all the every day stuff that accumulates (I know, I'm as surprised as you are, me, collecting junk in my handbag???) Turns out there's a lot of stuff that I don't need in there for this trip. I made quite a bit of room.

I got rid of about 50,936, 742 receipts, 464 scribbled notes that mean nothing anymore, last years bible study roster, enough snacks to keep an army alive for a week, 3 drink bottles (for 2 kids?), tissues, tissues and more tissues. Oh, and a few of those recipe cards that are on those tear off things on the supermarket shelves. I think the winner though was this...

Yep, that is the last 2 urine sample baggies, urine samle jar and poo sample jar (all unused). We've had the odd little spot or swollen ankle since Christmas but he's better now so I am guessing they can go.

Now I have in my handbag my wallet, my glasses, my sunnies, my fruit tingles and some nappy change stuff. After we have our outing today I'll even take out the nappy change stuff.

I think I may just fit my pyjamas, a fresh top for day 2 and some underwear, toiletries and my diary in there:) Ya reckon?

The boys are still sleeping on the floor in our room because although the weather has cooled down because of all the rain we have to have windows closed because of all the rain. So it's still air con weather. Lion was put to bed the other night and obviously didnt feel like sleeping on his mattress on the floor. We went in to go to bed and found him laying across our bed, covered by a pillow, wrapped in a towel and with his santa-hat head propped up on another towel.

He's kinda cute when he's asleep. I'm gonna miss these little ratbags.


  1. That is so cute - love the santa hat!!
    Hope tomorrow goes well - you're doing well to fit everything into that bag (even with the cleanout - I'm a reciept horder as well).

  2. you can take pretty big bags as carry-on luggage; you could probably take a bigger bag if you wanted? Last September our entire family (6 people) flew to Brisbane for a night for Nanna's funeral, and we only took carry-on luggage. This included not just normal luggage, but a suit bag for Dad, handbags for Mum and me, etc. It worked. I couldn't believe we were allowed so much stuff as carry-on!

  3. Isn't it amazing what mothers carry in their handbags? Mine sounds like yours without the urine and poo sample jars of course! :-)

    Hope you have a great trip.

    Love the pic of Lion with the Santa hat on. Soooooo funny!!!!

    Much love from NJ,

  4. I should have said that I am trying to pack sooo light because I will have to take ALL my stuff from the airport to the conference centre with me for the day before I can check in (hopefully at lunch time since I'm staying right next door) then I am not sure what I am doing on Wednesday but I know I will be checking out fairly early and not getting on the plane until midday.

    Trust me, I have read all the fine print about carry on luggage for just about every domestic airline:) I know that when I travel as a female with an infant (although no infant this time) I am allowed one piece of full size carry on for myself, one full size piece for them and a handbag as big as I want, that's a lot of luggage. I have won a "discussion" with an attendant over how much I was allowed. Who's to say what a nappy bag "should" look like, if it's got nappies in it it's a nappy bag! (also helpful, when travelling with an infant have all the related fine print printed out and carry it with you, the attendants are just as likely to count your baby as your carry on:)

  5. you can do it.

    just watch that you don't accidentally pull out your undies when you pull out your diary....

    I went to my interview for the job in gympie with everything in a fairly small backpack.


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