Monday, 9 February 2009

He'll miss me... kinda.

I had this little conversation with Lion today.

"What are you going to do when I'm gone tomorrow?"

Thinks a little "Maybe you could send us a message, yes, take your phone so you can send us a message"

"I will absolutely take my phone and send you a message, probably even ring you"

"And maybe you could leave us your iPod... Please?" (This must be said with your chin resting on your hands and eyelashes fluttering with a BIG cheesy grin on your face)

Now I know I'll be missed because I'm taking the iPod. I don't care why they miss me, if it's just for the iPod access that's fine, as long as they miss me!

I'm all packed. I could probably fit it all into the big bag but I do need to have two so I'm not fishing through the big bag to find my id to get my ticket and other little things like that. And nothing ever goes back in as well when it's time to come home.

All going well I will be on a plane at 6am heading for BrisVegas.

I did at one point this afternoon think I would be spending the night in the E.D. with Dragon after he split his little lip by falling over with a drink bottle in his mouth. There was a lot of blood and he was quite intrigued by his blood on the white nappy (why when a child is bleeding can you only find something white to get the blood, lets make it look as dramatic as possible). I just poured cold water on a wadded up terry nappy and that seemed to be all it needed in the end. He even asked me to pull off the dangly bit of skin, I warned him it would hurt but it was really annoying him so he wanted it gone (I was hoping that would wait until he was all daddy's). I think it may have been numbed a bit by the cold water or he is one BRAVE little man.

Oh I'm gonna miss my babies... I just had to look up pictures of what my room will be like to remind myself that I will have not just the bed but the whole room to myself and that I really am kinda looking forward to that.


  1. Gee you have come a long way from the squeamish little future-Mummy McTavish who would go green at the mention of B-L-O-O-D.

  2. I am absolutely exhausted today & now I read your blog about getting on a plane at 6am.

    I think it's my bedtime. I can barely keep my eyes open. Hope you have a lovely day & evening to yourself & a very good nights sleep !!!

    Kisses & Cuddles to dragon to help his speedy recovery.

  3. Have so much fun! They'll be fine! (I know exactly how you feel and even with my big boys it's still the same)

    I am always amazed how fast lips and mouths heal. It's like you can watch it.

  4. I'm just glad you aren't anywhere near the wildfires. I've been watching about them on the news.

    Anyhow, have a good time.....we'll watch the kids for you while your gone....well, not really, but you know. It's the thought that counts!

  5. Have fun, and nice to know you'll be missed (not to mention your ipod)! Glad your son is o.k.

  6. AWW...have fun! Get some rest and relax! They will be so excited to see you AND your ipod when you get back!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  7. Aww! He is very brave! I hope you enjoy your time away. Enjoy relaxing to your iPod and thinking of them. Prayers for traveling mercies are on their way for you.

  8. Have a great time! Your kids are going to miss you, just wait until you walk back through that door.


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