Saturday, 21 February 2009

Dragon's First Post

This Morning, I got into a lot of trouble. Daddy let me colour in a paper plane which he showed me how to make, but flying it and colouring it was too boring. Do you know what else was boring? The colour scheme of the house, so I decided to make it better.

I took some nice looking coloured pencils and re-coloured the New table , Nanno & Pappap bought me and Lion, I coloured in the Chairs, Nanno & Pappap bought me & Lion. For good measure I thought it would look good 'distressed' so I banged the table and chair a few times with my sharp pencils. Once that job was done the carpet in the living room needed to be re-coloured and once I finished that I thought a big dose of spit and a dance on would compliment the look.

That caused Daddy to do a of a lot 'loud babbling'. He went red in the face and a vein popped out on this neck and started throbbing quite rapidly... I've never seen that before, but from what happened next I will need to remember that as a bad sign and start running next time I see that happen.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time in 'Time-Out' solitary this morning and when Mummy came back I had to apologise to her for redecorating the house, Dragon Style. Then Mummy said that everyone would be having Macca's for lunch but not me, I decided that maybe it was time to put things right.

P.S. I wonder if I should show them the rest of the redecorating I did?... nah!

- Dragon McT


  1. Dragon, your cousin likes to decorate walls at the moment as well. Maybe you should tell Mummy to buy a Magic Eraser (in the sponge section of the supermarket) for the walls. I was amazed at how easily it got all the biro off our walls that your cousin Wilbie put there when I was on the phone. It really is magic.

  2. Now I know who 'decorated' the side of our computer desk - because it was not anyone in our house!!!

  3. Great suggestion Auntie Wilbie, magic sponges are magical. It also helps to heat up crayon or colored pencil with a hair dryer then wipe off.

    Poor Daddy, I can't stop giggling thinking of that bulging vein.

  4. This post cracked me up! Especially since it wasn't my furniture, carpet, or kid. For once!!!

    Man, those boys of yours are so cute, I am not sure how you guys could possibly get mad at them?!


    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Learning about consequences is a long hard road. It didn't help that the little table was still new and only put into use for the first time a few days ago.
    I agree magic erasers clean almost anything without serious abrasive damage.
    I cleaned a (sentimentally) valuable oil painting covered in mould from bad storage with one. It looks as fresh as when it was new.

  6. Be thankful for small mercies - at least it was your house he redecorated.

    Cheetah & his cousin T decided to redecorate Nanny & Poppy's walls & were busy for quite a while before they got caught.

  7. Ahhh I feel your pain. We got a brand new wooden kitchen table & chairs last summer. My oldest son (5 at the time) thought it would be good to write our names on the chairs so we would all know where to sit. He also thought it was a good idea to take scissors and distress the chairs but not before spilling red spaghetti gravy on the cream-colored cushions. Unfortunately the magic eraser couldn't help me with cleaning any of this.

    Much love from NJ,

  8. I say let your parents find out later, hon''s not going to make it any better on them. My kid will be painting some walls and a door in a little while to cover all the stuff he decided to redecorate when he was between 18 months old and 2. Maybe you can give him some lessons, Dragon.

  9. Yep - I can understand that look - the loud babbling with vein popping out - I think I get it a lot at the moment - the boys are going through the "decorating" everything phase & it's driving me crazy!!!


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