Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tupperware Trippin...

I thought I should finally catch people up on my trip away that was over a week ago. So this is what I went for...

A king bed and a nice big room all for myself. Nah, I actually went for this...

A bathroom all to myself. Really, ALL MINE! Problem was Brisbane is on such strict water restrictions I couldn't just go and have numerous unnecessary showers just because I wouldn't be disturbed. Okay, still not what I really went for. Um, will you believe I went down there for this?
Isn't she beautiful? I'd like to introduce you to Baby C. She was 5 weeks old at the time and not supposed to be born for another week. Oh so dainty, she had that beautiful little baby smell and she was a girl! I don't get to hold many baby girls. Her mummy is my only (really close) friend that manages to produce girl babies. She makes some good looking girl babies too. Check these two spunky monkeys out!
Baby C's big sisters E and A. They abandoned us here when E was just a little tyke and C was pregnant with A. Boy to we miss them.

Still not what I actually went for. I went for the Tupperware February Sessions. It's a full on, day long event where the new catalogue is released and people are recognised for their achievements in the last 6 months. But... I'll post on that another time.

I'll leave you with some more pictures of these gorgeous girls and their yummy mummy (and one photo of me). I didn't get to see their daddy, A. I know it made him very sad so I made sure I sent him a photo with my phone of me holding his little baby C and eating some very yummy pizza that he wasn't getting so he wouldn't feel completely left out. I'm kind like that.

My little A My not so little anymore E.

Baby C and her Yummy Mummy C.

Everyone say "Aunty McT is my favourite aunty"
Soak in all that girl babyness. It's unlikely to be happening in my uterus.


  1. Ooooh what a sweetie.

    E looks like such a young lady now & they both look like cheeky little monkeys (in a beautiful way).

    Does C read your blog? If not, say hi - we miss them too. If so, then I guess she can read that for herself.

    BTW - Update your blog list with my new one sometime would ya? (I have deleted the old one now).

  2. Oh, I am teary with joy at seeing how perfect baby C is. Praise God for providing such a healthy baby for them.

    Hi C and A if you are reading this.

  3. She is 5 weeks old and still such a tiny baby.
    By the time you were that old you'd outgrown your cot (slight exageration only). It would have been nice to have a little baby for a bit longer - sigh! I guess that is why God keeps giving me grandbabies. We should be careful what we wish for :)

  4. Adorable photos!

    Good morning sistas! It's one day until Friday!

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    Grand Prize: Juicy Couture Pink Cupcake necklace.

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  5. you crack me up! "It's unlikely to be happening in my uterus." that's hysterical!

  6. So pink, What an estrogen filled post. Love it!

    So let us know all the details, are you feeling alright, was this planned? I have faith in your uterus by the way.

  7. Awww so cute. My friend had a baby on Valentine's Day and he was so yummy I couldn't stand it. Made me want to have another. My kids currently have the stomach bug so that thought kind of vanished since then. :-)

  8. Your mom is so funny, (I read her comment!). That is one tiny baby. I don't do girls either, only boys. However, my dog is a girl, does that count?

  9. I think there is hope for your uterus! There COULD be something pink in there. But you and I both know a boy would be a ton of fun, too! God knows what is best. :0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  10. OH What a beautiful and petite baby girl! Congrats "auntie"!

    I just love soaking in that baby sweetness as well :)

  11. So funny! I never imagined we would be blessed with a girl. NEVER SAY NEVER! ;)

  12. Sweet nieces! So glad you got to see them!


  13. That bed to yourself sounds lovely - last night I had 4 males in bed with me (yep you read that right & just because 3 are short doesn't mean they don't take up LOTS of room!!!) That baby is cute & sometimes even in a male prone uterus something can go wrong (or right) & a female results!!! Are you going to find out????!!


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