Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Random Dragon-ness

Haven't been near the computer much lately. I'm trying to catch up on a blog a day and if you would all mind stopping your blogging for a few days so that I can catch up completely that would be very much appreciated :)

I seem to be moving from one wog to another, at the moment I can hear every breath rattle through my chest and I had to leave bible study early this morning just in case my coughing brought a lung up onto the table... I'm pretty sure they would have coped if I had hacked up a body part, we had been talking a little bit in depth earlier about children with worms and how you know they have them and such. I just figured it would be more comfortable for me if I was at home to do that.

So... to tide you over until I am back to blogging about my beautiful boys here is some randomness from Dragon.

"thankyou for visiting my big blue house mummy" I must have heard this one about 100 times today. I think he may have seen Bear in the Big Blue House one too many times. I wasn't sure what the correct response was so I just said "you're welcome" it seemed to work.

"pardon Dragon"
"okkwuehnndy sod sdkohygiy sldjfh"
"pardon Dragon"
"ouata crgadogle"
"one more time for me darling"
slows it right down for his dense old mummy "YOU... ATE... A... CROCODILE"
"oh, no wonder I didn't understand it"

Jennifer from Miles Family Adventures was the first to comment on our exciting news so she'll be getting something special (we're pregnant - just in case you missed it) and I'll blog to answer some questions people asked soon.


  1. Yuck, coughs have been making their way around our family to.

    Hope you're better soon! Maybe it's that crocodile you ate,trying to get out.

  2. Hey I hope you feel better soon! I remember having to listen real hard when they were little, and I still didn't always get what they were saying.

  3. I hope you feel better soon.
    As for catching up with blogs - I hadn't blogged (or read blogs) for a few days & last night it took a couple of hours to catch up.

  4. I love the babbling. My two year old gets so excited that she makes up stories and entire words. It cracks me up!

    Get some rest!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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