Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My Ni

This is my Ni* ...

I know, she's just a bit stunning isn't she?
It was for this chicky that I dragged myself away from my babies for the weekend. We've been friends since grade 1, I know far too many stories about her to even start telling (and she's in law so I'm just not that brave) and she knows just as many about me yet we are still friends. Or perhaps that's why we're still friends, it's just too dangerous to not be...

These two were my partners in crime for the weekend. Lan (right) flew down with me, stayed at C & A's with me, hiked all over Brisbane city in heels with me, just shared the whole weekend with me. Em (left) was in the wedding and joined us after the reception for a very late night yapping and 8 hours of shopping the next day and the (delayed) flight home.

I've sure got some stunning friends!

*Ni, pronounced "nigh" as in "the end is..."


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! I bet you returned ready to hug and kiss those boys!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  2. Long-time friends are awesome. My boys (15 and 20) are now good friends with the children of people that I was friends with when I was their age.

    So we were friends, and because we got together alot our children are growing up to be friends. Too cool.

    Glad you had fun this weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos. Old friendships are great. My best friend since Kindergarten was in my wedding. I don't know if she will ever get married -- she'd kind of a loner -- but if she does I hope I'm in her wedding too.

  4. She's a beauty. Hope you had fun!! I know everyone missed you dearly while you were away. Did you see the King of the World post?? I was cracking up.

    Much love from NJ,

  5. You do have stunning friends, and catching up with friends is the best.

    Sounds like Wolf had it all under control with the boys.

    Glad you had a holiday.

  6. I know these girls and their inner beauty is even more gorgeous than what you see in these photos.

  7. LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! I'm extra happy with yours because they are in focus. Most of the ones on her facebook page are out of focus and not particularly close up (taken by a boy I think). She looks stunning . . . not that I would have expected any less from Ngaire!


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