Monday, 23 March 2009

Does green playdoh count as "greens"?

Okay, Bad Mummy here, signing on for a quick bloggy session while ABC2 is babysitting the kids for me (you know you do it too!). I am on a Tupperware Kiosk at one of the local shopping centres this afternoon and I have a few minutes up my sleeve before I have to get ready (if I get ready too soon it means I have more time to get grotty before I go). I just wanted to share a wonderful book I bought this morning...

Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea

Author: Lee Fox

Illustrator: Mitch Vane

Publisher Lothian (Hachette)

ISBN: 9780734410993

It's a rhyming book about a boy that wont eat anything but pasta. Sound familiar? If not then stop reading now so you retain the disillusionment that I'm a wonderful mummy. I think I had the lady at the bookshop ready to call DOCS on me when she asked if was anything like my kids and I said that I had started counting the coloured "vegetable" pasta as veggies. She gave me a disgusted look as if to say "oh, what a bad mummy, my kids ALWAYS ate EVERYTHING on their plates" and I gave her a look that I was hoping said "you just try saying ANYTHING to me" or "I am so wrecked today that if you dis my parenting I'll let my kids loose on all your precious books" but I think it actually said "eh? they're still alive aren't they?"

So back to the book... It's a new title so it's still full price and I haven't located it at Big W or Kmart or anywhere for cheaper but when I read that the Doctor they take him to was Dr McTavish I had to get it.

Then we had morning tea with a friend I hadn't seen since before Christmas. Our kids are so close in age (big kids a week apart, little kids a month apart, she thinks I'm nuts going for number 3) and we just spent the morning marvelling at how much they have all grown up. The two little ones were keeping up with the conversation just as well as the big ones and the big ones were filling each other in on their respective kindy activities. I think B found out more about Lion's kindy in a few minutes than I have in the 15 months he's been there.

Bad Mummy signing off ;)


  1. Since you and Jingles and Chimera are still alive, I don't think fussy eating is going to kill the grandkids.

  2. I figured I probably disqualified myself from Mother of the Year this morning when Ralph returned to his breakfast bowl an hour or so later to finish it off.

    But it was equally his father's fault that the bowl was still on the table, so maybe I'm still in with a chance.

  3. I have a daughter that would live on pasta & rice!
    Hope you enjoy the book - what a coincidence that the dr has your last name!! Hope you enjoy your afternoon on the tupperware stand!

  4. Our Dragon wouldn't eat anything but pasta up until the age of 2. I used to try to figure out how I could adapt every recipe I own to include pasta!

    This book sounds like one we often borrow from the library called "Ella Kazzo Will Not Brush her hair" (same author, different illustrator).

  5. I do like the title of this book!
    I have memories of my sister sitting at the table long after everyone else had finished because she was not able to hop down until she had finished her meal. I don't think that's what caused her eating disorder. I am very pleased to report that even though fussy as a child she now eats a wide variety of flavours. Hang in there!

  6. Actually, I remember my brother only eating jam sandwiches for quite some time.

  7. I can't remember any of my siblings going through any "will only eat x" stages. We sure went through "won't eat x" stages. I think one of Dad's most common phrase when we were between the ages of 3 and 10 were "I didn't tell you to like it, I told you to eat it!"

    (I was never forced to eat creamy soup again after I actually threw up, though :P)

  8. Look at Cheetah. He was the fussiest eater until he was in school. Now he eats all his vege's (including zucchini) without complaint & even enjoys helping me pick out the best ones at the supermarket.

  9. That sounds like a really great book. Definately a bad mommy here in that regard. As a baby Katie loved her veggies and didn't like the fruits. As a toddler I even have written in her baby book that CARROTS were her favorite food. Nope, not now. Noodles, noodles, noodles AND meat. The girl loves her meat. She's really not my child though. She hates cheese (unless it has cheese and she doesn't know it and for some reason pizza is fine) and any type of potatoe (of course, except the tator tot or mcdonals type hash browns).

  10. I once wondered if Doritoes counted as a veggie because they have corn in I guess I'm a bad mummy too. :-)

  11. I don't know how parents get their kids to eat a wide variety of much. My 2 year old barely eats anything. I don't know what she's surviving on. Pasta? She won't touch it. She thinks I'm trying to poison her.

    By the grace of God, my oldest son tried fish and liked it. I almost fell off my chair. His choice was pasta or fish and he chose fish. WTH??? I was kidding when I said it knowing full well he wasn't going to choose fish. I'm sure he'll hate it next week. My middle son tried it just b/c the older brother did and after 2 bites he declared he hated it. Whatever. I give UP!!

    I've recently chosen to make dinner based on what my husband and I like instead of what the kids like. Why should we suffer because they don't want to eat?

    My Mom used to make us sit at the table until we finished ALL of our food. I remember vomitting on some Bird's Eye frozen vegetables with some horrible tasting sauce on it. Whenever I see it in the store I start to gag. Really.

    That book looks good!! Is DOCS anything like Division of Youth & Family Services (DYFYS) in the US?

    Sorry I wrote a book.....

    Much love from NJ,

  12. French fries and ketchup - veggies! There can sometimes be bigger battles than food ... and that's OK. :)

  13. Better late than never... to answer Sue's question DOCS is the Department of Community Services. They deal with child protection, parenting, foster care and adoption stuff (and more).


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