Saturday, 21 March 2009

To censor or not to censor...

I figured when I started blogging that there would be some things I wouldn't blog about... Toilet training fell into that category, why would anyone care about my kids potty training? Well, if you don't' care stop reading now... this blog was started for family and I'm getting sick of sending texts asking for happy dances so here it is for all to read...

Dragon is going great guns... today.

I've lost count of the number of undies we have been through but each pair that goes in the wash only has a few spots and has been finished on the toilet or potty. Followed by an MnM a sticker and a happy dance. We (he) wore a nappy to the shops but at home we have been in undies. All the drips have been on the tiles (oh so thankful). He's about the same age Lion was when he started training but I'm hoping it wont take as long as it did for Lion. Using the toilet is going to take a while though, it's something I have been wondering about for a long time... he is... um... well... not so well endowed in that area. I'm sorry Dragon, it's out there for all to read now.

So, HAPPY DANCE with us...and have an MnM too if you want.


  1. yay yay yay yay Go Dragon!

    I'd like my next one to come pre-toilet trained I think. We have been in full time undies for five months and still go three three or four pairs some days. grrr.

  2. I didn't want to post about my toilet training adventures, either, but there were some moms who encouraged me, and others who needed encouragement, so I did a couple of times. :)


  3. Potty training boys is soooo much fun! Not! Sounds like he's doing great.

    My youngest has always been built like a tank, everywhere except where it matters the most.

  4. Doing the happy dance! But, I am afraid I can't just stop at one M&M. Sorry about that...I just ate the whole bag.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

    PS I am with Boy Mom. I hate potty training, but it sure is worth it when you get through it!

  5. Coming from toilet training 4 girls in a row, I haven't had to worry about boys and standing up at the toilet for quite a while. But just from being in the same toilet room as young boys (at pre-school) I always thought little boys sat down on the big toilet until they got the hang of it?

  6. Thanks for happy dancing with us sorry if Mrs Nurse Boy ate all the MnM's before anyone else got to them.

    Unfortunately Mum-me, if Dragon sits things vanish completely and the stream goes anywhere but the toilet. ICK!
    The potty with it's little shield bit seems to keep it all in the right place so we are working with that as much as we can but he wants to be just like Lion and stand up. I thought watching big brother would work to our advantage but not so much :(

    Baby steps.

  7. lol, Jack doesn't stand to pee yet or use the big toilet. He still uses his potty otherwise he too pee's everywhere but in the toilet..

  8. It may please you to know that my 15 and 20 year old sons are perfectly potty trained, and have been for awhile! Which is good because I'm not changing them.....

    The second one trained faster than the first one, as he wanted to be just like big brother!

  9. Oh the joys of boys! It is so worth it! Congratulations on his achievements and hang in there when the going gets damp. Both my boys were slow works in progress in this department. Nathan oddly was continent at night before the day. I think he just wanted to fight me. But we are all friends now. Happy dance for you!

  10. Woohoo for you Mummy! By the time Peach Blossom arrives it'll just be him/her in diapers!! That's good news. Stickers and m&m's didn't work for my boys. I tried standing on my head spitting wooden nickels and that didn't work either! Good luck!!

    Much love from NJ,

  11. When Zai was little there was this thing called a "wee man" that we got for him & it clips onto the edge of the toilet & then you just tip it in when he's done - it's so he can go like a "man"!!! LOL
    Unfortunately it broke, so I wouldn't recommend it, but it was a funny concept!!
    I'm TTing the twins at the moment, but we're only at the potty stage - it's wearing me out already - sure I'll be completely grey before they're done!! LOL
    Have fun there - Oh & well done dragon!!!!!

  12. Yeah, I'll probably tell my tales too. If Jonathan ever starts to act even remotely interested in potty training I'm sure I'll blog about it too. *sigh* Even remotely.....

  13. Oh crap...forgot to say "Yeah Dragon! Congrats!"


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