Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Tell me a story

I'm still cranky that my iPod didn't come with an instruction manual. Do you think I can remember how to get new stuff onto it from one day to the next? Nuh-uh. I'm trying to get some kids music onto it now that I have the playlists figured out (sorta) and I can make it so that I'm not moving from belting out a Bon Jovi classic to "Ze Baddest Sickness". Although I did just find out on the weekend that I can name my playlists beyond "playlist 1" and "playlist 2" and "playlist 3"... I'm up with the times now!

I bought the boys two new puppets in Brisbane on the weekend. They were really cheap but not as cheap as me so I called mum and convinced her she should buy the other two they had there and she was up for it. So we have been telling stories using the wombat and the kookaburra puppets for bed time and nap time. Today it was just Dragon home and he decided he would tell me the story... with a little bit of guiding and prompting on what a story needs from me.

I tell story you mummy.



Who is in the story?


Okay, where does he live? Where is this story happening?

He live in a dec-ray-shun.

A decoration?

yes, he live in a dec-ray-shun.


What does Teddy do in the story?

(tosses the bear in the air) He fall over.

Oh, what happens when he falls over?

Um, he urt hid mouth.

Oh no, he hurt his mouth? how did that make him feel?


Did he feel happy, sad, owie when he hurt his mouth?


Oop did it 'gain. urt hid mouth 'gain.

It must be very sore now, what happened now?

(hands mummy a Tassie Devil puppet)

You elp im. (you help him)

Mummy Tassie Devil carries teddy back to Dragon and says he needs to give teddy a cuddle.

Dragon cuddles Teddy and tosses him in the air AGAIN.

Mummy starts to realise this is going to be a very long story. She explains about stories having a beginning, middle and end and describes our stories beginning and middle and asks what the ending is going to be.

No, we not top tory (we not stop story). Oop, teddy urt hid mouth 'gain.

I can't remember how I finished the story but I have a feeling I used that super power mummy's have "distraction".

Not a very exciting post today, sorry, turns out Dragon's story was cuter first time round :)


  1. I love stories! This one was very sweet! The puppets sound excellent for playing with.

  2. you're always exciting :)

    I love the storytelling. I need to start with Katie (although, I think she may be actually making up a story when she tells me what she "dreamed" about.

  3. I think the story was just as cute the second time around. It reminds me of how fun those developing language skills are. And how fun those developing patience skills in Mommies can be.

    My boys have puppets and a theater at their Grandmas' house, they lovvve it!


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