Sunday, 26 April 2009

Peach Blossom Update

Figured I should do a pregnancy update for the family that reads this since it's a new little grandie/nephew/niece or whatever they may want to know what's going on...

We have our BIG scan on Wednesday. Usually at 18-20 weeks I am bucking the trend and going at 21 1/2 weeks (with the assurance from a ultrasound performing friend that it is perfectly okay since the doc just said "before your next visit") I'm pretty sure they'll do one of those weird ones where you get to see the baby in 3D as well as doing all the normal measurements and checks and stuff.

We are at 21 weeks today so we are into the downward slope, I have my next OB appointment on Friday.

Morning sickness has been coming back slowly but it seems to have hit again with a vengeance the last couple of days with dizzy spells and nausea. YAY. Still at least I got a bigger than 2 week break this time unlike with Lion and Dragon.

Plenty of kicking happening. Wolf can now feel the kicks but the boys aren't patient enough to wait for a kick. Dragon sticks his finger in my belly button then pulls it out screaming telling me that Spiker bit him. Have I said that the boys are sure we will call this baby Spiker? Yeah, I'm not so thrilled with that name but we haven't come up with any better alternatives yet so it's still in the running.

I keep meaning to get a pregnant photo where you can actually see my "fat fat fatty belly" as my darling boys call it. Still even if I had taken one it would have been on one of the dodgy computers right now anyway.

So, we still don't know what flavour baby we are having but we are probably not going to tell anyone when we find out anyway.

I think that's all as far as updating goes, I'll see if I can get some computer time later in the week to update on the two appointments once we have had them.


  1. Oooh, so exciting. I've been meaning to ask you when you booked it for.

    Nothing wrong with the name spiker. Maybe you can convince them to save that name for a puppy if you ever get one :-) Is that a Lion original & dare I ask where he got the idea?

  2. Kids come up with wondeful names don't they. My nephew wanted to call our twins either Luke and Leia or Stretch Out and Karate. Needless to say, we opted on much more feminine names for our daughters.

  3. So excited for you on Wednesday. Just remember that you are a great Mum to two boys so if you are having a third you will cope. It will also make for an even more interesting blog...

  4. Thanks for the update - we were wondering how things were going. My girls get excited every time they see your blog loaded up and they ask to see a photo of Aunty McT's baby! They like watching it float around. How will I ever tell them it's not really your baby?

    I was hoping you'd tell the flavour like you did with the others. I have been itching to hit the PP newborn shelves but don't want to buy the wrong colour.

  5. Re Kate's comment: I know you'll manage if you have 3 boys, but time in which to blog. . . we'll see.

  6. All the best with your scan and hope the morning sickness decides to die back down again.
    Rowan was known as Grover prior to being born, so nothing wrong with Spiker.

  7. Glad to hear you had a little break in the morning sickness dept.
    Sorry it's creeping back :(
    Congrats on making it more than halfway! Very exciting.

    ps LOVE the name the boys have chosen. LOL

  8. Ugh. Morning sickness. that's one thing that keeps me from getting pregnant again. I had it for two months straight...not to the point of needing IVs but to the point that I felt like I had permanent motion sickness.

    About the name the boys chose, my mom was telling me yesterday that a family at their church has a daughter whose middle name is "polka dot" because they promised their three year old she could choose the middle name.

    Never, ever, ever, let me do that with Jonathan. We might have a Nathaniel Buzz Lightyear or Alexander Spiderman or something!


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