Monday, 27 April 2009

Things you don't want to hear

Scene: Mummy needed a shower, Dragon decided he wanted in on it, Lion didn't want to be left out, Mummy finished and left 2 boys playing under the shower while she got dressed...
*Blood curdling scream*
Mummy runs in half dressed and panicked to find both boys standing up seemingly okay but Dragon is holding his tongue with both his hands completely in his mouth.
"What's wrong Dragon?"
"What was that darling?"
"sweetie you'll have to pull your tongue in and take your hands out of your mouth so I can understand you"
Mummy starts throwing handfulls of water into his mouth screaming "Yuck yuck yuck, rinse and spit, rinse and spit"

So their shower was over and Dragon got his mouth scrubbed out with toothpaste.

Still, it's not the first time that's happened to someone in our family. The previous time Dragon was the guilty party and Mummy was on the recieving end.

Dragon was a C-section baby, Dr Steve had chopped and hacked and FINALLY pulled out my sweet innocent little baby, lowered the screen and held up our newest little bundle of joy for us to see with all his bits exposed proclaiming "He's a BOY" and Mummy gave a BIG WIDE OPEN MOUTH SMILE... and little Dragon peed right over the top of the screen and into my mouth. Yep, definately a boy.

Hope your monday is going better than Dragon's has been.


  1. Urine is sterile.

    But that is still gross.

  2. Eeeewwww!
    The above comment made me laugh.
    Poor Dragon!
    Poor MMcT!

  3. Hehehehe. I laughed till I cried & am thankful I don't have 2 boys.

    What on earth were they playing for that to happen?

  4. That's something I'll never have to worry about ... at least certainly hope not!

  5. You got baptized very early didn't you? It took me a good four days. the night we brought him home. Actually he got bath Hubby and I while we were trying to change his diaper together. It was one of my first official diaper changes ever, so there was Hubby and I trying to figure it all out and whoosh...streamed right past my head, dribbling a little, and right in Hubby's face. Ah...boys!

  6. YUK!!! Poor Dragon and poor you. How on earth did you spit out the pee in your mouth while lying still for the c-section? That is a funny story. The both are. Sorry to all parties involved as I'm sure it's gross. And yes, it is sterile but STILL.......

    Much love from NJ,

  7. THAT is too funny!!! LOVE the shower story. Could have happened over here. My boys love taking a shower together, but we insist on no wrestling. They listen, most of the time.

    The story of Dragon's birth is a classic!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. Hahaha! When my son was a baby I was changing him and gave a tug to his his rubber pants off (they were stuck on his heel) and they flew off. They were poopy and some of that flew onto my mouth and onto my glasses. Loads of!

  9. Do you still do the open mouth smile?
    I think you got off lightly compared to what happened to "momstheword".

  10. Both stories are priceless- my stomach hurts from laughing - well that's something none of my kids have done ....YET!
    Yeah- definitely a boy there!


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