Monday, 25 May 2009

Cousin Wilbie

Little Cousin Wilbie has had his operation. He should be home by now and recovering with lots of kisses and cuddles. The doctor did some little repairs and it will hopefully fix things for him.


  1. Airmail hugs comin' your way Baby Wilbie.

    Prayer's for your health & mum's sanity too :-)

  2. That is wonderful. Praying for his continued recovery.

  3. Thanks. He is doing great. He came out of anaesthetic better than the other kids at the hospital yesterday. As soon as he woke up he ate a whole ham and cheese sandwich, then a little tub of ice cream and a cup of water. And he was still hungry. He has wanted lots of cuddles but is doing well. He is enjoying having Daddy home today because he is getting lots of attention.

    The prayers worked because while we were at home he had a morning nap (very, very rare) and slept through the 'nil by mouth' hours. Praise God!!!

  4. Bless his little heart. Glad he's doing well.

    Is a bird spider a really big spider that eats birds? Because if that's the case I am never setting foot or any other body part in Australia!

  5. momstheword - what we call "bird eating spiders" aren't terribly big compared to the spiders in other parts of the world! I don't know if they actually eat birds. It would have to be a very small bird. They are also called Whistling Spiders because they make a hissing/whistling noise when provoked. They can bite and make you a bit sick but won't kill you (they might make a little Dragon or Lion pretty sick though!) They can kill dogs and cats though.


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