Tuesday, 26 May 2009

so much going on...

There is so much going on around here that I feel like I need to blog in bullet point a few times a day to share all the funny quips, cheeky attitudes, trials and triumphs we go through in one day. I know how much I wish we could spend more time with the half-dozen and hear first hand the Teddyisms and Possum's classics and even just the everydayness of their lives so I am hoping that they love to hear about the everydayness of our lives along with the little gems that pop up. That is after all one of the reasons this blog was started. Ah, family, living 2182.85 Klm from them has advantages (this is where Mum-me is holding her breath to hear what I say...) it's hard to get sick of family that lives that far away. But living closer would have it's advantages too. Mum-me and HB might let us corrupt babysit the half-doz occasionally so they could get out without paying a babysitter. Lion and Dragon would learn a whole new lot of boy stuff from Cousin Dragon that they didn't previously know. The half-doz might actually get birthday presents from their slacker aunty and uncle if we went round for birthday dinners and stuff. You know, those sorta things.

Anyway, all that to say that by the time I get a computer in my hands at night I have forgotten half all of what has happened in the day. So tonight I offer you a list, in no particular order...

  • Hearing my kids singing all the right words to "Modern Major General"
  • Well almost right except the "Vegietale, animal and mineral" line, that one cracks me up!
  • Echidnas roaming my house.
  • Hearing my kids compassion coming out in unexpected ways like this morning my imaginary cat that they rescued from an imaginary tree had the same problem as cousin Wilbie so they operated. Lion had trouble remembering all the lingo for the operation but they "put it to sleep" (aren't you glad they didn't do that with little Wilbie, Aunty Wilbie?) so it wouldn't feel it then they needed to "drill some holes in it" and they fixed it but it was very sore and needed lots of cuddles from them "just like Cousin Wilbie".
  • Seeing Dragon be so darn sweet and caring towards Baby "Ecin"
  • My kicking baby makes me very happy.
  • Finding new flavours of TimTams.
  • My friends birthdays!
  • Sunsets.
  • Finding photos on my camera that Lion has taken without me knowing. Seeing the world through his eyes is so much fun.

Yep, that's what the backyard looks like through the screen door.

And that's what Dragon looks like while he is still napping.

And that would be one of our dining chairs.

And that's my bunch of flowers I bought myself.

  • My nice clean wall.
  • Knowing that my kids artwork is all safely filed away where they can't destroy it more than they have in the time it has been hanging on the wall.


  • The last bowl of the 5litres of pea and ham soup I made.
  • Thinking of Lion going to school next year.
  • Thinking about babies that are in heaven instead of the arms of my friends. Babies that we were waiting to cuddle that never took a breath. This week marks 2 1/2 years for 2 of them, 2 years for another and days for another.
  • My boys crying in their sleep and I cant seem to comfort them.
  • Sore butt bones from washing the bottom of the wall while sitting on a wooden kids chair. I think I need more padding on my posterior.
  • Not seeing my kids artwork (3+ years of it) up on the great big wall. (*see photo above* the one of a kind original artwork by a very talented and incredibly good-looking artist print in each of those big black frames is 16x20in, just to give you an idea of how big the wall is and how sore my butt must be)
  • Using 5 magic erasers and still being able to see gecko skid marks on the wall. They got the pen off the wall, the pen that if you get it on yourself you have to wait for that skin to wear off because you can't wash it off, but the gecko poo left a stain impervious to magic eraser.

Two gems that don't fit on the list...

Lion and Dragon both ate their crusts at lunch today. I don't force crust eating, I refuse to tell my kids that it'll make their hair curly or it'll make them strong. I figure there is no added nutritional value in the bread crusts it's just a matter of wastage. I don't like to waste food but I also don't like fighting over trivial things. I usually offer to them "are you going to eat your crusts?" when they say they are finished and if they say no then that's fine. Lion started eating his today and told me that his friend at kindy told him that crusts are good for him so he was going to eat them. Low and behold, monkey see, monkey do, Dragon ate his crusts too! Can this same friend tell them that he should eat every vegetable mummy puts on his plate???

There is an ad campaign "cheeky checkup" that promotes different methods of breast self-examination. The one I saw today was "the carwash" it suggested going to a carwash, waiting till it starts and doing what you need to do. I'm not sure what carwashes they have used but I reckon you'd get some pretty weird looks from the people waiting at the traffic lights right outside the one that we go to if you tried it there!


  1. Oooh, didn't know about the new tim tams. Great job on the wall. Love magic erasers. Sad about the gecko poo though.
    Rowan's wall of superhero posters is going strong but somehow while we were on holiday his signage that took up most of the hall saying keep out mummy, superheroes this way etc has disappeared. He took solace in that he could make more. Hmm... not the plan.
    Lion is a good photographer. Digital cameras will definitely influence the next generation and their ability to take photos from a young age.
    I could lend you some of my butt padding if you like. Actually you could keep it if you really wanted to, really.
    Hugs to your friends as they remember.

  2. Oh I love random posts like this. Is that a real little animal? How small is it exactly?

  3. I've never heard of Tim Tams, but I would definitely eat one or twenty were they at my disposal. Mmm, chocolate hazelnut mousse. The boys performing "surgery" is adorable, it always surprises me how much the understand and the ways it manifests itself in play. Just precious. The gecko poo on the wall...not so much. ;) Hope little Wilbie is recovering well, just read his post a little further down. Bloggy cuddles to him. :)

  4. OK, so I read all of that and I am still stuck on the TimTams. I don't think we have those here in the states.

    You always make me crave chocolate...

    Your blog just may be bad for my figure. But, the laughter brings me back everytime.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Aw, your boys are so sweet. I'm sure I would love them just as much even if they weren't family. That is very sweet that they care about cousin wilbie. Please tell Lion that cousin wilbie is starting to feel a lot better now. He is still a bit sore and has a runny nose but right now he is happily playing and watching Sesame Street.

    I hadn't stopped to think that cousin wilbie's surgery marked 2 1/2 years since his baby sisters went to heaven. Mmm, so glad I have God to rely upon in tough times.

  6. Mrs. Nurse Boy is right, we don't have tim tams but I would love to try the chocolate hazelnut mousse one. Actually all 3 look pretty amazing!!!

    I agree with you about fighting over trivial stuff. My middle son used to eat the crusts until last year. Now he wants them cut off. So I do. My theory is if they try whatever I make and they don't like it, they don't have to eat it. As long as they try it I'm good.

    I'm so sorry for your friends whose babies went to Heaven. Very, very sad.

    I noticed Peach Blossom is almost in double digits. That must be exciting!!!

    I posted what you tagged me in the other day. Come check it out.

    Much love from NJ,

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I have more than ample padding on my posterior and King Rick still complains I have a bony bum.

  8. YUM! I haven't seen those new timtams - I'd better look more carefully next time I go to the shops! Love the crust story - LOL
    Well done on the wall - what a big/painful job!
    I agree with living away from family - it's so, so difficult.

  9. I was also going to offer you some of my extra butt padding...:)

    The pictures are so cute...Katie does the exact same thing with my camera and it cracks me up when I'm uploading and see things she's done when i didn't even know she had it.

  10. To all the state-side ladies... nope, no Tim Tams over there. I am going to attempt to post some to one of my American friends though, haha. Good luck to us... I don't know if they'll survive unmelted! The other flavours are good, but nothing beats an original chocolate Tim Tam.

  11. @Cat - No, not a real Echidna :( It's a little resin statue thingo about an inch long. We do have some closer to life-size (football size-ish) ones that randomly turn up in my bed or jump out at me as I drag stuff out from under the couches but still not real. We love Echidnas round here, I cant wait for the boys to get to meet a real one!

    @Sandra & Julie - It's okay, I'll stick with the butt I've got. I think it might draw attention to my lack of hips if it got bigger. Wolf already says I look funny where I go in at the hips instead of out

    @Queen Stuss - Um, thanks, there are some things you don't need to tell me... really.

    @3 Peas - No, double digits is not exciting... please click on the "days to go" section until it says "days so far" I find that much more comforting!

    @US Timtam lovers- Hahahahaha, you can't get Arnott's biscuits yet the company is US owned! There is something kinda sweet about that! I shipped a pack off to the Miles Family in the mail, I hope they survived.

    @Mrs Nurse Boy - would a health warning make you feel more comfortable reading the blog? "WARNING: May cause increased desire for chocolate" nah, perhaps "WARNING: Contains NUTS" would be more appropriate:)


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