Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Mighty Maroons!


  1. Why are they playing in VIC?

  2. I wore my maroons shirt to RE today, the kids liked it ^_^

    Mum-me: coz they want to convince Victorians how awesome League is.

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  4. Watching the sports news, it seems that the Vics already know about league and that is why they are supporting Queensland.

  5. It appears Saint Bernard would be trying to rile me up... not working... I just sent three maroon shirts off to church to watch the footy... I'm content in the queenslanderishness of my family.

    @mum-me - I think it's because the Victorians believe that if they aren't involved in any particular activity then the world will stop spinning.

    What's the only good thing about New South Wales????

    Keeps us further away from Victoria!!!!!

    I feel like I should put something in here about it being good also because my in-laws are there but no matter how I write that it is not coming out how I intend it to sound... so, in-laws... take that which ever way you like and I'll remove my foot from my mouth now.

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  7. Go New South Wales!


  8. I'm so glad Qld won - we're camped down here in enemy territory, so so pleased we got the upper hand on them!


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