Thursday, 9 July 2009

Randomly Random.

Feeling sadder for him tonight after reading further comments from his mum and seeing her on one of the dodgy current affairs shows airing more irrelevant dirty laundry. Sharing information that isn't hers to share. Please pray for him.

But here's something funny from the news... at least it's funny to my murder novel loving mind...

"I just love him to bits" A chick commenting on how much she loves her soon to be husband who she stabbed in the back with a carving knife after she caught him in her kitchen with her best friend and his pants down (apparently showing her friend a "gardening injury"). My brain straight away started on it's own dialogue.. "I love this bit- it can go in the freezer, I love this bit- it can get buried in the backyard, I love this bit- it can go in the freezer too, nope, don't love that bit- it can go in the rubbish..." But get this... They have only gotten engaged SINCE the "incident" happened. I think he might be taking the "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" thing a bit too far there.

Yesterday I had a cooking extravaganza! I cooked a freezer full of food for us. Actually some is to share but it's always easier to give people a meal if it's pre-frozen. Then they can pick which night they eat it.

At least I think I made enough to share...

I made cheddar chicken. Now, this one is a bit involved so I never make one nights worth when I do this. I make it if I need a meal to give someone, I make it if I need to fill the freezer (and I like to try and have a meal stashed away for if someone needs help at short notice). It's got pasta, chicken and loads of veggies that are all hidden so the kids can't pick them out:) It's perfect to drop off for a young family with fussy kids and a new baby. I know, I am single handedly killing our planet with all those foil trays but they stack so nicely in my freezer and new mum doesn't have to a) remember who the dish belongs to. b) wash the dish. c) remember to return the dish. and I am not losing a whole bunch of my oven dishes to my freezer. So what went in?? 1kg dried penne pasta, 1.2kg chicken (bulk buy tray), 800g grated cheese (600 in and 200 on tops), a pile of grated veggies bigger than the pile of cooked diced chicken, 1 tube of clix biscuits. I think I am happy with that afternoon of cooking.

This afternoon we finally got our curtains/blinds up in the lounge. Remember this post? Probably not if you weren't reading this blog 361 days ago. I'll wait while you go back and read it..... You're back?? Good, we'll keep going then... Yes, 4 days shy of 1 year is how long it takes the McTavish clan to replace their lounge room curtains. We now have a lovely set of panel track blinds 4 panels wide in a colour I like to call "handprint beige".

Yep, that's one un-inspiring photo. I know, they are all wrinkly but guess what... it was just too bad tonight. I finished sewing and hanging them at nearly 5:30 this avo when I had a 6pm meeting to get to. The gaping holes where the old curtain rod was wrenched from the wall? I'll let you in on a secret, listen close, I'll only say it once... we bought the new track to purposely be longer than those holes so they would be covered. Genius, I know! Whack in a little filler and no one knows they are there. I will also let you in on another secret... I am probably not going to iron them. They are blockout lined. I have never managed yet to iron lined curtains without melting the lining. I set the iron as low as I can and it still melts, it's just not something I am willing to try on my new blinds. My mother-in-law however has ironed a set of curtains for me previously without melting the lining and if she is reading this I will warn her that if those wrinkles don't fall out on their own accord I may be asking very nicely if she can iron them for me when she comes up to visit soon... please? The weights at the bottom are pretty heavy though so I am assuming that we will be fine. They do have the fact going against them that the fabric has been folded up for nearly 12 months but the warm morning sun on the back of them should sort it all out I reckon. I'm an optimist.

I just found I haven't downloaded the photos from this card for a while so here's some fun for all the family!

Lion got himself occupied making crazy tater heads a couple of weeks ago... he thought they were hilarious and asked me to take his photo with them. I think Dragon made the carrot, he's not quite the Picasso that Lion is :)

Yes, no shirt, middle of winter, that's our weather lately.
This one is from June 5th when I was packing for family camp... I have tried to look back to see if I mentioned it but it seems I haven't... I was going about my business when I heard the words every Christian mother wants to hear... "mummy, I found Jesus"
And sure enough, he had found Jesus... somewhere in my bedroom I think. It's blurry because he just WOULD NOT HOLD IT STILL! All the shots I tried had a blurry Jesus but this one was the clearest of Dragon. I bought Wolf a packet of dodgy band-aids with faces of Jesus on them for a laugh and it came with a little miniature Jesus figurine thing.
Read the previous post from today for more dragon gems, Wolf has been working on that list for ages! It really sums up our little man.


  1. Great post - gosh, I have so much to say. Firstly, you and I are together killing the world - my MIL has just frozen a whole freezer of cooked meals for me in tin foil containers. Yes, they pack better, yes, I do not have enough "real" containers. At least we will not be eating Mac Donalds - that should reduce our carbon footprint by miles!

    And yes, I confess I have blinds that could just as well be yours in all our bedrooms with block-out lining. My best home purchase ever. And I also do not iron them. Ever!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment there! I'll be popping in here regularly, you are obviously my kind of people. To prove my point: approximately 5 years ago, we bought a house. Approximately 1 year ago, we bought curtains for our bedroom. Approximately 1 week ago, I found them in the closet. Will update when there is news to share...

  3. You just had to bring up window treatments, eh? We moved into our home 11 years ago. From the very beginning I hated, loathed, despised the curtains hanging on our front door (there's a big window on our front door). They remind me of the desert... blue and beige and a little pinkish maybe. The colors in my home are a soft green, tomato red, taupe.... not blue and pink desert colors! AND, our sun room was full of sliding doors covered in very busy flowery curtains (also thermal backed) and they're still hanging!

    I would love to try your cheddar chicken recipe... were those amounts for one dish or for your multiple dishes? (You can tell I don't get in the kitchen too often).

    Great post all around...!


  4. @Roban- Those amounts are for my mega batch. I'll try to put the regular recipe up soon. It's really yummy!

  5. That is one big batch of food! Whoa!

    The "bit" about the woman who loved her future Hubby to bits....hilarious! What the heck was that all about.

    And I'm glad Lion found Jesus. Unlike my son who bounced Jesus off the dining room table a few times. *sigh*

  6. I love me some freezer cooking!!! Too bad we don't live closer or we could really go wild...or you could just bring me some of that yummy looking chicken!

    LOVE that he found Jesus! Adorable!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  7. I would have to break out the math to do the conversion, lol! I have a few recipes (like chicken with broccoli and cheese) that I like to have on hand in the freezer.

    Love your dictionary on your son's words, lol!

  8. Great idea with the freezer meals!!! We had a Jesus figurine and often times I would hear very strange things like, "Oh no, Mom! Noah threw Jesus!" etc etc so on and so forth...haha! :)

    I LOVED having freezer meals after was a lifesaver!

  9. Love the "I found Jesus" - too cute!!! The curtains are great - well done - & I'm sure the crinkles will fall out after a couple of weeks!! - & yes I do remember the original post!!!!


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