Saturday, 8 August 2009

Best served warm

With icecream and custard.

That's how I like my memories.

It's been nearly 2 years since my great-grandma passed away. When the great-grandkids were told to come around and pick what they wanted as her house was packed up I determined to be practical. After all, my memories of her were not hinged on things, I can pull out wonderful memories from my mind without needing props or 'stuff' and some of the photos we have are the best reminders. I selected things that I would actually use around the house and things that I was getting the vibe that my grandma (her daughter) wanted me to take.

There was stuff left over after everyone had selected different items and almost 12 months later when our church was having a carboot sale grandma gave it to us to see what we could sell... the rest was to go to lifeline. I put it all out at the sale and a few things went. Most of the rest went to lifeline but I have a kind of hard time getting rid of kitchen stuff. So I kept a range of dishes and things in a box in the garage.

There was one dish that I was tempted to take originally since I didn't own a pie dish (I don't make many pies so usually I'm happy to make do with the cover of another dish or whatever) but I have held on to this dish with a few other kitchen things and then today when I was feeling like making an apple pie I remembered the dish, in the garage, wrapped in newspaper. I thought it would be perfect.

Indeed it was. This is no secret family recipe... My grandma may have even laughed if I had told her I did this... packet mix pastry... tinned apple.... frozen berries... easy as, well, PIE.

The dish needed a good scrub since it held remnants of the last few pies she had used it for and had been stored in the garage but she must have put her name on it with some super-duper masking tape!

Not that I tried too hard to get that off.


  1. Aw, that is special. Grandma would have been happy you were using her dish - she wouldn't have cared how you made the food. I can't believe its almost been two years. Cousin Wilbie was so tiny when she died. Family gatherings aren't the same without her.

    That pie looks good. Pity Wolf wasn't around to have some. Im sure he will be wondering how you can have dinner fail when he is home but produce yummy pies when he is away. Ha, ha! Poor Wolf.

  2. It helps that I am cooking with no one else in the house! Although, I am whipping up thai mince for dinner and even with no one here it's another dinnerfail :(

  3. Now I want pie.

    What a sweet post. I love stuff like that. You will always remember her when you get that plate out... and not just because her name is on it!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  4. Heirlooms are great, aren't they? And I love heirlooms that can be used. I wear my grandmother's pearls more often than any other piece of jewelry I own, I think.

  5. I wish I had my Grandma's recipe file. Sadly, I have no idea where it ended up after she passed. I hope it didn't get thrown away, because that would be a real tragedy. I would treasure all of those handwritten recipes.

    Your pie looks yummy!

  6. It looks like a wonderful pie plate and a wonderful way to remember her. I bet you all miss her.
    The pie looks pretty scrummy.

  7. I love how your memories were enough of a reminder and that you weren't worried about what you'd be taking home that day. Seems like your great-grandmother would be smiling to know that you were able to use her pie plate (no matter what kind of pie was going in it!). And don't you just love her name on the bottom?

    Your pie looks delicious, by the way.... I can almost taste it!

  8. It is amazing the items we have that can remind us of those small moments or of the people we love.

    I had this phone for awhile that belonged to my grandma. How sappy I was over that! I even cried when we took it home to replace our phone that had died. It had huge buttons because grandma could barely see (and sometimes barely hear). I can't believe I cried over a phone. But I did!

    The pie looks great. Store bought ingredients or not. :-)


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