Saturday, 8 August 2009

I love daddy.

Lion and Dragon trying to get the remote figured out on the camera...

I really miss daddy.

I love daddy and I really miss him.

I miss daddy.

I really love daddy.

I miss daddy and I really love him.

This is all so very sweet... and I love his daddy and I miss his daddy but guess what... I'm not sure if I can handle hearing this ad nauseum until his daddy comes home tomorrow afternoon.

This has been Lion's response to daddy's weekend away.

Dragon's response has been to become more clingy and needy than he normally is.

More cuddly I can handle, clingy and needy is totally different.

I had my most freaky pregnant dream yet, I think it was brought on by the fact that Wolf wasn't here. This one was even pregnancy related. I gave birth! I did make sure I went over with Wolf what would happen if I went into labour while he was away (even though I realised this was incredibly unlikely) and the dream was so unrealistic but I still lay awake for half an hour afterwards waiting for a contraction. Thankfully that didn't happen. The dream though was weird. I had a 20 minute labour on the side of a very public indoor pool and gave birth to twins when I was only expecting one. Then I woke up in a panic so I can't go any further than that. This is something that I wonder about often... not that I will have twins that I didn't know I was expecting but it happened to my friends mum and I have always wondered how you would handle that surprise... you get everything ready for your one baby and you go into labour and get to hospital and the midwife informs you that you will be having twins today. This was before ultrasounds so I get the impression it happened a bit more then. Anyway, her mum survived and my friend and her sister turned out reasonably normal (Hi C, ).

So I have never had a dream before where I gave birth (to a human baby) but last night I had two babies!

We'll see what I dream about tonight...

For now I will go and cuddle my boys and listen a few more times to the "I love daddy, I miss daddy" symphony and try not to cry because it's so sweet.


  1. Hi, Where is the daddy? Our Daddy has been away for 8 days and the girls only say that occasionally! I know they miss him though. And I think you are pretty safe on the twin thing. Ultrasounds... I bet mum wished they were around 36 years ago!

  2. We're all singing the same song here. Daddy gets back on Wednesday.

  3. @C- Wolf is in Kennedy (Cardwell) for an Elders retreat thing. Hey, email me! We lost your email with our computer crash... I know I could get it from someone or just ring you or something ☺ but you know me...

    @C & Mum-me - I don't know how you guys do it with daddies going away so often! Sometimes I think he's all that keeps me sane!

  4. I have absolutely, postively the weirdest dreams when pregnant...and I usually remember them too! Aww...the boys picture with matchy security shirts is so cute!


  5. Oh, so cute! I remember before my hubby became a pastor he had a job where he had a very long commute. In fact he flew out on Monday and returned on Thursday.

    That did not last forever but the kids really missed him and so did I!

    Love those pregnancy dreams!

  6. Cute!
    My Dad left for Hobart this morning. He'll be gone for 5 days!

  7. TWINS-- THAT is a nightmare in my book!!!

    Could those boys be any cuter?? I just don't think it is possible!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. I feel for you with the weird dream thing. It shouldn't be too much longer until your sleep is interrupted in a different way :)
    Hang in there till Wolf comes home.
    Some friends of Brett's parents live in Kennedy. So, at least I can imagine where it is and have even seen photos.
    Hope the boys show Wolf just how much they missed him when he's home.

  9. I had the weirdest dreams when I was pregnant with Jonathan. One time I dreamed I had a plastic doll for a baby and then the baby shrunk and disappeared. I searched and searched and could never find the baby.

    I know. . . I'm certifiable.

    Hubby went for a walk last night with the dog. A walk. Around the block.

    You would have thought he just announced he was moving out. Jonathan had a melt down and we had to go for our own walk and then sit on the front porch and wait for daddy to return.


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