Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Lizard eggs and "Other Grandpaps"

So what do you do if you find a lizard egg in a pot plant at playgroup? Why, you give it to your older and wiser brother to look after don't you!

Dragon found a lizard egg and gave it to Lion to look after. Thankfully Lion told me about it because he had put it in his breast pocket "to keep it warm". I managed to convince him that the best place for lizard eggs was in the soil of a pot plant and his pocket wasn't a good place for a lizard egg because it could easily get squashed and if he forgets about it it'll go through the wash and that won't be any good for the lizard egg. He needed to take it for one more ride around the playground on the trike before he would put it in the pot plant. I have my doubts about that one ever hatching but it's got a better chance where it is now that in Lion's pocket!

Dragon is starting to get excited because as he says "my Grandpap and my other Grandpap are coming to see us when our new baby pops out!" Yes, Nano, "other Grandpap" is you! This week at least. (Grandpap and Nano are Wolf's parents)

Lion had this whole different names for different grandparents thing figured out from the start. He had a photo of Nano and Grandpap that he would carry around the house with him and tell anyone that would listen that it was Grandpap and Nano in the photo. Dragon however has gone through a variety of names for a variety of grandparents. Sometimes the various "grandma's" get "grandma and other grandma and other grandma" and sometimes he gets the great-grandma thing right and the other great-grandma is Lapun Mama ("old mother" in pidgin). Occasionally he does get I think our current confusion though is that we have been talking a bit about Nanna lately, that would be Grannysarus' mum. So now he is confused because he has figured out that Nanna isn't married to Grandpap and isn't the one coming up with him the baby "pops out". Oh man, I am confused reading back through this. It's a lot for a little man to figure out, these boys are really lucky to have so many grandparents around but the names just get a bit confusing!

Anyway, Grandpap and Nano aka "other Grandpap", Dragon is REALLY excited that he will be seeing you soon! He's just got to figure out the logistics of your travel once he gets the names sorted. He informs me that you are flying here and driving back... at least that is what he is saying today. But he just will NOT believe us that you are driving here and flying back... it makes much more sense his way. He even asked yesterday if we can "pop the baby out today so my Grandpap and my other Grandpap can come and see me".

Note to self: Make sure you get some good photos of the grandies while they are here because you don't have any of them in the same photo and both looking at the camera... for now, just distract everyone with some cute old photos of your kids...
a wee little dragon about 2 years ago

a wee little lion about 2 years ago... yes, his daddy thinks this is the funniest thing to do!


  1. Awww, baby dragon is so cute. It seems like so long ago he was that little. I am getting very excited about the next little McTavish's arrival.

    Maybe you could follow Dragon's advice and pop it out soon. I am keen to meet it and so it cousin wilbie. Realistically you aren't going to accomplish everything on your to-do list anyway...

  2. Ha ha! That reminds me of my other nephew who kept his grandads sorted by calling them
    Grandad (his dad's dad)
    Granny-Grandad (his mum's dad) and
    Old Grandad (his dad's grandad.)

  3. Lizard eggs??? YIKES!!! We don't run into too many of those around here and I am OH. SO. THANKFUL!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  4. Your babies are so cute. How nice that they have so many caring grandparents. If you have enough to get 'em confused, you are blessed!

    I can't wait to see if the lizard hatches.

  5. Tell, Dragon that we, Granppap & Nano, are really looking forward to seeing him too, together with everyone else and especially our new grandchild. We don't much care what he calls us, as long as he's happy to give us big cuddles.

  6. So cute about the names.... Hannah called my mom "Grandmother," but came up with "Mano" for my husband's mom and PopPop for his dad. She still calls her Mano and PopPop by those names.

    Loved the story about the lizard egg.... I kept some turtle eggs in my pockets once upon a time.

  7. Glad you were able to rescue the lizard egg from an uncertain fate. My kids discovered a cocoon a couple of years back and promptly flattened it until it was oozy. A sad day for butterflies I'm sure.

    Yay, you're getting a baby soon. I'm sure the visits from the grandparents will be lovely, but nothing beats that new baby smell. Yipee. ;)

  8. Very exciting waiting for PB's arrival (not to mention the grandpaps). Hope the boys don't get into too much of a frenzy and peak too early. Dragon and Lion are very blessed to have so much family that loves them.

  9. Little man L also have a cane and crutches obsession!

  10. I've never seen a lizard egg! However, I think you are pretty smart to not only recognize them, but to know they were happiest in soil!

  11. Oh my goodness the little fella has a lot of grans to figure out.

    It is nice that he has all the grans and great grans. He'll get it one day.

    Good to read you again. I've been missing in action for a bit. Sorry about that.

    Take care,


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