Monday, 10 August 2009

One for the mister...

Why is it that I thought I was doing the right thing shoving the box of size 0 & 1 clothes in the hardest to reach place under the bed completely wedged in by the trundle bed and another box only to go and open the boys drawers and find that I should have cleared out the last of the size 1's that Dragon has just grown out of first.

I am defrosting a random container of food from our freezer for dinner. Lets put a creative spin on this... It's MYSTERY NIGHT! Not even mummy knows what we are going to be eating! I'm kinda hoping it's spaghetti sauce. It looks a lot like spaghetti sauce but I don't remember ever freezing a family meal size container of spaghetti sauce. I do love a good mystery... lets hope this is a good one.

Now for a little musical interlude...

Baa baa black sheep
Have you any more
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags four.

One for the mister
One for James
One for the little boy
Who lives down the drain.

Never a dull moment with our Dragon. Since I have been trying for ages to get him to sing for a video and it has been thus far unsuccessful I figured I'd just share his lyric masterpiece with you.

While the mystery dinner was defrosting and heating the boys were playing out in the front yard with Wolf. First Dragon tied Lion to the telephone pole...

Then Lion got the rope around Dragon a couple of times... then he got distracted by Cute Little Neighbour Girl...

Apparently Lion was interested in her and Dragon was interested in the fact that she had a Tinkerbell doll.

Shortly after Lion had made his move on CLNG the three of them went off exploring the gully area. That lasted until CLNG ran through a chiney apple in bare feet and girl clothes. Since Lion and Dragon live in gumboots, well loved shirts and shorts made from fairly tough material they managed to escape unscathed. CLNG was in bare feet and pretty froofy fabrics... chiney apple magnets.

So after she went home we came in and ate our mystery meal which thankfully was spaghetti sauce because I had made spaghetti to go with it.


  1. I think my boys might actually die if I told them dinner was a mystery... since they usually think it already is when I have to convince them EVERY night that it is indeed chicken. If I didn't even know what it was, I think they would just send themselves to bed without dinner.

    LOVE that Ba Ba Black Sheep!! Awesome version. Makes perfect sense.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  2. "First Dragon tied Lion to the telephone pole..."

    This made me laugh so hard! Sounds like my big boy, Noah as well...although Lion looks happy about it...Annie would be SCREAMING if he did that to her! :-) Ahh...the wonders of boys!

    27 days to go, huh? YEA!!! How ya feeling?


  3. My son also has this fascination with Tinkerbell lately. I think because he saw her on Peter Pan and loves Peter Pan. The tying up stuff is hilarious!

    (And I'm glad that was spaghetti sauce. Some kind of jam would have been awful on that spaghetti, no?)

  4. Just wondering if you have a time limit on how long you'll let Lion or Dragon stay tied up before you would rescue them...? Just wondering. Love that Lion got a bit distracted. Cute!

  5. @Amy - Sacrily the counter is to the due date, not the C-section date... that makes today 20 days to go... kinda freaking out a little bit... or a lot, it depends on the time of day.

    @Roban - Uncontrollable screaming is generally a good sign that the tied up child should be rescued. Complete silence because they have passed out from lack of oxygen due to rope placement is another sign. Or when the street lights come on.

  6. Is that grass in those photos? Real, live, growing-in-the-ground grass? Wow, haven't seen any of that for such a long time.

    (We have weeds and dirt - mostly dirt.)

  7. LOL about the mystery meal! hahaha So glad it turned out to be spagetti sauce!

  8. Great job with Baa Baa Black Sheep Dragon!
    They are a cute pair. (Even when tied up)


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