Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Notice to Grandparents:

Grandparents, please stop taking my children to super exciting places like pet shops and petrol stations. It leaves me with big shoes to fill.


I made the boys some kites at their request this morning. I knew they would never get aloft because they wanted the string to be a piece of elastic that was tying their new gumboots together. So elastic holding up a piece of paper cut into a diamond was not looking likely to get any air. That and the fact that there was NO wind today. I assumed they would just run through the house doing their best to break things as they went past and be happy with a little bit of a flapping sound behind them.

They were not.

Lion seemed to think his should get airborne INSIDE. After all, it's a kite, is should immediately as it is let go ascend towards the sky and magically hang there! Dragon was a little more realistic and went outside to try and fly his. He waved the string around for a bit and achieved nothing. "There id no wind" his downcast face informs me. "Maybe we ask God for wind?" he suggests but doesn't want to pray for some reason so I leave it at that and he comes back in. He talks to me a bit about God being everywhere but not in our backyard and I try to clarify things for him but he is stubborn on this point.

Come nap time he asks to pray which is what we usually do at bed time. Usually I will ask if he wants to say the words or if he wants me to say them or if he wants to repeat what I say. I start to ask but he is already going... "Dear God, please make some wind. Amen"

They have lunch after nap time and go and grab their kites again and I hear "YAY! God made wind, God jumped our fence and made some wind!" and he was out the back door to play with his kite. There was only a little breeze so his kite still barely fluttered but he had fun for 2 minutes.
They both had lots of fun with them and surprisingly kept them safe the entire day so I didn't have to re-make 500 kites! We got good value out of our second hand elastic and two sheets of scrap paper!

They have given me a run for my money today. We have had quite a few chats about behaviour. They never got really naughty but you know how you can see things going downhill and you try to cut it off before it happens... I feel like I spent the day putting out embers so that we didn't get a full on bushfire! But I got a nap. I think I need to prescribe naps for myself from here on in. Usually I at least get 30 minutes sitting down with my feet up during the day, yesterday I got nothing like that and I was running all over town in the car which I don't think my feet like and last night I was ready for bed before the boys and my feet were all puffy and sore. So today I had a proper nap after I strapped the kids to their beds convinced the kids that it was nap time and messing with mummy was not a good idea. I now have the kids in bed and I feel like I can actually get on with stuff uninterrupted, I still have energy (just a little) left to keep going. This is definitely how I prefer to feel in the evenings.
And now... just because it's my blog and I am having fun going back through old photos on the external hard drive... here's my little men way, way back when they were teeny tiny.


Oh, and for those that want all the McTavish inside goss... Toilet training is going along GREAT!!! YAY. He is no where near as demanding as Lion was about having an audience and the correct post piddle procedures. Now if they would only stop leaving clumps of sultanas on the floor to freak me out that there has been an accident...


  1. I love their perspective. It's just too adorable for words. God wasn't in the backyard, hence no wind. Of course!

    Definitely try to squeeze those naps in to your schedule. Once there's a new baby in the house, there will be none of that you know. ;)

    And your babies were (are) gorgeous.

  2. "God being everywhere but not in our backyard" I too have this concern Dragon. when I hear World War III going on, but then there are the times that my three year old walks across the top beam of the swing set, the one the swings are attached to. Gasp! That's when I know my back yard is full of guardian angles. I bet you have some as well we should ask them to flap their wings a little faster so you'll have your wind.

    Boy Mom

  3. Jonathan thinks his kite should fly inside too. I'm glad they got their wind so they could fly it a little.

    Have your boys been calling my boy? Because I swear he has been really pushing my buttons lately....leading me to try to put out fires too.

    And you need to rest and put those feet up. Your pregnant, hon' (as my cousin from the South of our country always calls me), you need to rest for you and for your Peach Blossom...which is a girl, right?

    Hang in there and keep tying those boys to their beds for naps. Um....I mean keep convincing them they need naps.

  4. I have to say that it was not a grandparent who took them to the very exciting car wash the other day. It was a (female) parent and I forgot to ask how that went. I have such gorgeous photos of toilet training happening in the front yard. Maybe I will post them with a little censorship in the right spot.

  5. Hey, Grannysaurus, I gotta compete somehow! Actually the carwash toally freaked Dragon out, he was shaking and crying and sobbing and all I could do was tell him to watch for the green light to tell us to leave... So 1 point for giving Lion a thrill, -7 for freaking out Dragon... Maybe I should just take them to a pet shop...

  6. And Lisa... only a little longer and you will know exactly what Peach Blossom is... wouldn't you be upset if I wrecked the surprise this late in the game?

  7. That picture is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!

    I agree with Lisa... I still think it is a girl... come on, just tell us already!!

    I love that the spent the day playing with the kites and not breaking everything in your home. I am pretty sure that wouldn't have gone so well over here.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. I'm glad God jumped the fence and helped those kites to fly. They do get funny ideas in their head don't they? But soo cute! Cute then, cute now.
    Yeah for toilet training! Way to go!
    Yeah for naps! My MIL told me when I was pregnant what her mum had told her. "Why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lie down? (when pregnant)" She is a very busy lady and this was such a comfort not to have to always be busy when she was visiting and I was feeling like a swollen puffer fish.
    Hope those boys let you get your feet up in these next few weeks.

  9. Oh, aren't Grandmas supposed to spoil and do special things with their grandkids? That is in my job description and I am so very glad!

    You are a good mama! Fun stories.

  10. Awww... It is such a blessing to a mom's heart when we see God answer the prayers of our kids! Thank You, Lord, for the wind, and kites, and kids, and mom's who are great with all three!

  11. OI just love that Way back photo. Fun places like petrol stations? I'd love hear that story.


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