Friday, 14 August 2009

Sunday Snapshot

So we are going to try to make this Sunday Snapshot a regular feature as a catch up for the week... It could be a snapshot of our whole week, of our Sunday, who knows, it's alliteration, it works for me.


The boys got haircuts again today. This time both cuts done by me. I don't know why I feel that family or anyone else would feel this is blog-worthy news but I seem to like informing the world when they get haircuts. I love the fresh cut look of them...

and I just love the look of them fresh cut or not!

They are starting to get opinions on these things though. Thankfully Dragon just wanted a hair cut and the longer I took to trim it the better he liked it so I got to do his nice and short like I like. Lion didn't want his as short as Dragons and mostly wanted it trimmed over the ears where it was annoying him. I still needed to tidy up the rest so it would last till I am feeling bothered to do it again and he squiggled ans squirmed for as long as it took and started begging for a reward even before I was finished. Dragon thinks getting a haircut is a reward!


The boys were watching "WIPEOUT" this evening and while Mummy and Daddy were out of the room the ads came on and we still aren't sure which ad triggered this conversation but it was enlightening, that's for sure...

Lion: calls into kitchen... "SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU"

Wolf: "Yes it is, so don't try it"

Lion: "Yeah, it is bad for you, it's fattening"


Wolf has very little tolerance of advertising of any sort. It frustrates me no end when he goes on for 5 minutes about what he dislikes about a 30 second ad that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

This ad however he quite liked...

I thought it was funny and a great rip-off of the old "Solo Man" ads but wasn't about to run out and buy the product... Wolf, LOVED the ad, Wolf bought the ad hook, line and sinker. We went shopping and Wolf bought himself...

Wolf's review... It has genuinely fake meatballs (yes, he actually said that), the pasta and veg was overcooked and it gave him indigestion. I don't think it'll be taking over my cooking just yet... even the dinnerfails have got to be better than that review.


I forgot about this bit of toilet training... the no poop for days thing. There are many thoughts floating around in toilet training world as to why this happens but the fact is it happens and it's gotta come out somehow and sometime.

I wasn't concerned that he was blocked up, I wasn't concerned that he was worried about pooping in the toilet and was going to cause himself an injury by holding it in, I was concerned about when it was going to come and how much there would be... I know it's different for every child but for this one, no #2's since Wednesday morning is starting to worry me by Friday afternoon!

I believe I have the solution... Take your toilet training child who hasn't pooped for days with you to a doctors appointment and while you are in the very small examination room your nose will alert you to a distinct smell that signals the end of this round of concern... even if you have no sense of smell like me. Thankfully we aren't at the point of wearing undies out in public yet!


  1. Andre wanted that stuff coz of the ad too :P Except we bought some pasta mushroomy thing. He liked it.

  2. You are funny! That blog had me laughing in many places... fattening cigarette's, the "genuinly fake meatballs", and the "thoughts floating around..."! Yep, the perfect boost before I go to the dreaded kitchen and clean that enormous mess.

  3. This post has me chuckling! There are too many goodies to comment on them all!

    The commercial is a stitch! I wish it would come on while I was watching with my grandkids! What a riot!

  4. how funny!!! I have had the same issue with my computer and loading up software cos my lovely husband decided to re 'do' the computer!!!! I've since made a pact with him that we keep all the software plus copies in a special file - so far its working!!! xxx

  5. Chunky soup! You know my odd pregnancy fetish for it - now that I see the can I feel like I should go get some more. I never eat it normally though. Weird.

    The boys look so cute! I think you're very brave to cut their hair yourself. I'm sure I would totally screw up and probably scar the girls for life.

    I laughed so hard at your comment on my blog. I'm glad it's not just me :)

  6. .... I don't get to loiter at aquariums and other type places as long as I like.... Hannah still has a shorter attention span (but is usually a good sport).

    Love the cute haircuts.... and the whole fattening thing if you smoke! I think it's funny that Wolf had to go buy this product. I guess it's good advertising for a poor product!

  7. I love back to school haircuts! The boys are getting older, not liking the short hair. The youngest doesn't like his eyebrows. I think they are so cute. He says they make fun of him at school because his eyebrows are darker than his hair. I think he's adorable.

    Some of my boys have been scared at the pooping stage of potty training. Once they do it once, they aren't so scared. Getting to that one time is excruciating. I'm still trying to forget the memories of rushing them to the toilet so they can be successful, only to have them beat me to the punch by filling the diaper. The things we moms have to do! We should get a purple medal!LOL

  8. Hubby also rants about commercials and later will buy the Swiffer Duster he bought after being entranced by the commercial.

    He likes to clean. A lot.

    I don't.

    Yeah, so anyhow, about haircuts. . . I may start cutting Jonathan's because Hubby took him to the hairdresser the last time and Jonathan started screaming as if she was cutting his ears off.

    Either I have to be the only one who ever takes him ... ever... or I have to cut his hair.

    OK. Have to go. Two year old says he has to go "Downtairs!" for whatever reason! :-)

  9. I like that add too.

    But I didn't buy the product.

  10. How did I miss this post?! I, too, love new haircuts!!! They always look so handsome, and your cuties are no exception!

    You let your boys watch Wipeout?! My boys LOVE that show, but as soon as it is over, they start using my furnature to do every dangerous thing you can imagine!! I even wrote a post about it last summer. Crazy boys.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  11. We also did hair cuts this weekend - also by mommy! I love the last bit.

  12. Love their haircuts! You are very clever!
    Wolf is a dag for thinking those meatballs would have any kind of taste. The ad is pretty cool, in a very silly way.
    Best of luck for the continuation of toilet training. Glad the doctors could "help" out.

  13. Nice haircuts! I love the way they feel too, the fuzzy softness of them, I just want to reach out and rub their heads.

    I hate canned soup, it's hardly ever good and the veggies are always mushy. Also, "genuinely fake meatballs" don't sound appetizing at all.

    I'm still holding off on potty training my youngest, he'll be three in December. Your poop debacle is not encouraging one bit.

  14. OMGOsh! I have one that's with-holding poop as well. LOL
    AND, while at the pediatrician today, sure enough... she pooped. LOL
    Thankfully, because she was sick, she was wearing diapers.

    Very funny commercial! I don't think we have that soup yet in the US.

  15. Fun review of your week. Cute haircuts.

    That Campbells stuff looks gross. I'll take bad cooking over that.

    As for kids get sick. They actually get upset in their stomachs when they get constipated. I push water and fiber, but they have a mind of their own at 12 and 14.

    But voluntarily holding it, that's gotta be uncomfortable. Reminds me of the movie "Daddy Daycare". That's one of my favorite movies.

    Hey, thanks for dropping by and walking down memory lane.

    have a great weekend.


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