Saturday, 22 August 2009

8 Days to go...

Does that scare anyone else??? No, just me?? I wonder why that is?


Dragon was asking to go outside and I told him that he needs to give me his "precious gems" from his pocket so they don't get lost outside. His reply... "But I will just gaze at them in the sun and see how pretty they sparkle!"

Sure enough he went and sat in the sun and gazed at his precious gems and exclaimed at how beautifully they sparkled and came back inside.


L: Um, I think I will just go visit one of my girlfriends.

MMcT: Oh?

L: Yeah, I will just go out and visit CLNG.

MMcT: Um, how about that waits till daddy gets home and he can keep an eye on you out there.

L: Or how about CLNG comes for a sleepover!

MMcT: Oh, I don't think she's really old enough to go for sleepovers just yet.

I know it's all innocent but hearing "girlfriend" and "sleepover" in the same conversation kinda freaked me out a bit!


I considered naming this post "Why my insanity is not called nesting" but thought I would just quietly share that one... I consider nesting to be the uncontrollable urge to clean... and I do not have that at all, I am managing to control, far more than I should, any urges to clean. I also figured that it is usually doing stuff to get ready for baby... that is something else I am not doing... I am getting ready to not be able to do anything, I don't want my husband to be using my name as a naughty word because I have made it impossible for him to do what he needs to do while I can't. Working on the baby's room is still somewhere on the to-do list.

Would you like to see what our baby room looks like... you would? shhhh, it's a secret I am not sharing with ANYONE. I close the door when we have visitors so no one sees it... it's kind of messy at the moment...

AAAhhhahahahahahahahaha.... complete with pictures of another family on the sweet little table. No, sadly that is not what our baby room will look like when we bring Peach Blossom home. Hopefully it wont look like this either...

Unfortunately though that is what it looks like now. SHHHHHHhhh, don't tell anyone. It didn't look that bad before the workmen needed room to install the air con but it had kind of become the junk room and the shelves on the wall needed to come down (along with all the stuff on them) to make room for the air con and all the furniture needed to be packed against one side and it's just one of those messes that you don't want to deal with. Under that big old fit ball under the window is the bassinet. That will be easy to get out and with that is all the smallest of the baby clothes. I reckon one load through the washing machine should have them done and that's pretty much what I HAVE to get done before this baby comes home. I have been trying to figure out how all this stuff has qualified for "baby's room" status. I think I have figured it out.

Baby #1. Still plenty of room in the house, spare room and office are separate rooms so we consolidate into one and NOTHING BUT THE BABY STUFF goes in the baby's room.

Baby #2. Office moves to the garage and spare room is no longer an option. Kid #1 has their own room and Baby #2 has their own room. But in the shake up things have been displaced and now need to be put somewhere. You have realised that Baby #1 didn't use the entire room, he was only little after all and was in there to sleep, drink and get his bottom changed. That leaves a lot of room that can store stuff.

Baby #3 is on the way so kid #1 & #2 are crammed into one room which displaces MORE stuff, you have also accumulated more stuff and hand-me-downs in waiting need to be stored somewhere and toys for the in-between stages need to be stored somewhere and really, you probably did over estimate how much room a baby needs so it all goes into the baby's room.

Baby #3 is 11 days away from being born and you start to wonder if perhaps you hadn't overestimated how much room a baby needs after all.

I'm not sure what my plan of attack for that room is yet but most likely it will involve putting stuff in boxes to stack in a corner and ignore until later. My first job will be to clean off the recliner so I can at least be comfortable while I sort it out.

I figured if I was nesting I would have a sorted and cleaned baby's room with cot ready made and covered with a dust sheet and clothes ready in the drawers (I did that for baby #1) and be moving on to scrubbing walls and re-caulking the tiles and stuff (didn't do that for baby #1)... not doing what I should have done while I was far more capable and now it's just out of desperation to not see the house fall down around me that I am cleaning.

I am also trying to keep up with something a friend is doing... throwing out/donating 10 things every day in August. I must admit, some days I do, some days I don't. Usually though on the days I do get my 10 things the number swells to WELL above the 10. If it sounds like a good idea to you, give it a go for even just a week, it feels really good. If you need a place to get started look in the drawers and cabinets in your bathroom! I had 10 things in less than 5 minutes and HEAPS more space. Hmmm, I wonder if I can find 10 things in that baby's room...

I'll let you know... if I ever find my way back out!


I started this post a few days ago after everyone seemed to think I was nesting and I was pretty sure a nesting woman would have at least made sure she had somewhere to put her newborn when it comes home in less than two weeks. Anyway, I then couldn't post it because I was too horrified to show what the baby's room looked like without having made any progress on it. I now have made some progress and have all the furniture roughly where I think I want it this time (although admittedly I wasn't paying much attention and the change table is facing the wrong way thus rendering it almost unusable... you know, once I get all the junk off it that is currently rendering it completely unusable).

I was relieved to discover most of the hand-me-downs I have just stashed quickly aside are folded and all ready to be sorted into sizes and put in the boxes under Lion's bed. The rest of it is still a HUGE job but little by little I'll get it done. The last urgent job that I need to do in the rest of the house is finish sorting the boys toys I have moved from the playroom out to the garage so that the car can be pulled back into the garage.


Last random bit for this post... We got the boys checked for swine flu today. I was looking back at photos from when I was pregnant with Dragon and thought Lion and I looked TERRIBLE. Then I remembered my knack for getting sick in the final weeks... about 2 weeks to go while pregnant with Lion I got a mild gastro bug. About 2 weeks to go while pregnant with Dragon both Lion and I got a not-so-mild gastro bug... REALLY not so mild in my poor little Lion. I was determined we would all be healthy this time. NO GASTRO! and guess what... no one has gastro... thankfully no one has swine flu either. But we are dropping like flies... First Lion, then Dragon, then me, now Wolf. I am pretty much better. Wolf has a mancold so he's at death's door. Lion is battling a horrible cough but not swine flu and Dragon, well, it's hard to say. He certainly has a cough but it often gets better and worse at convenient times so it's hard to pick what's real and what's not. Lion is on antibiotics but the Doc didn't think Dragon needed them, Wolf is on over the counter meds and I am just plain going crazy.

So tonight I put my 3 sick boys to bed at 8:00 and I have had a lovely quiet house to myself. Now we only have to get through the next 8 days gastro free and I will be one happy Mummy McTavish!


  1. I'm now officially adding "mancold" to my vocabulary. I'm happy to hear it's coming together.

    I never "nested" either. Pity, my house really could have used a cleaning-mad woman...

  2. "Mancold" IS a GREAT word.

    I'm a nesting freak, but last pregnancy I figured out a marvelous solution. I mentioned to a sister-in-law how desperately I needed my walls washed and how it just wasn't going to get done due to my enormous girth and she organized a cleaning crew. Ahh the joys! And for once I didn't clean and wash walls to prepare for people coming to clean.

    I'm so excited to see pictures of Peachy! Take it easy and love on those boys for a few more days.

  3. That's was so humorously enjoyable. I cracked up when I saw that darling all-nested-together nursery, and then... reality. I could take some of the same pictures!

  4. Try to stay germ free.... and, just to help you stay sane, remember that baby #3 really could sleep in your room if necessary, so not much space is needed if you look at it that way.

    I remember finishing up Hannah's nursery only about a week before she arrived....

  5. I still say you are You may not have everything ready for baby but you are making sure the rest of your family is ok..that is
    One of the books my mum lent me is 'The Boylen inheritance', 'The Queens fool' and 'The Virgin Lover' have you read any of these?

  6. Only 8 days - that's gone really quickly (for me!)

  7. 8 days, heaps of time. You'll be right, if you do a little bit at a time. Nathan and Peach Blossom will nearly share a birthday.
    Love and hugs as you prepare yourselves, mentally and physically. It's all very exciting.
    And hope all those boys get better quickly and keep their germs to themselves.

  8. Thanks for joining in with "it makes me smile" and for reading part I of my testimony. I know it's long and part II is finished and it's long too, but the good part is in part 2.

    Be back

  9. Bless your heart, you are determined to get ready even when you must be exhausted.

    Even if you're not nesting you sound like your getting organized at least a little bit and that's a good thing.

    You do more than I do in a week and I'm not expecting.

    Happy preparation days. Have a good delivery day and I'll pray that all goes well. Can't wait to see pictures of peach blossom.

    Stay healthy and strong.


  10. I love your coversations with Lion. I daresay that if they were ever to meet in person he and Katie could get into some real interesting situations together. Don't worry about the room. It will come together. I found myself in the same predicament just before Timmy came. I had Katie's room ready months before she came and with Timmy I just couldn't bring myself to finish. I think I was in denial...but it IS really happening and it is going to be wonderful!!!

  11. I LOVE the term "Mancold"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be using that one! Awesome!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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