Monday, 17 August 2009


This 'n' that is about as much as my brain can handle at the moment. I have been busy busy busy but I feel like I'm running on the spot! I know things are getting done though because the to-do list is getting shorter!

First of some cuteness from my sweet little darlings!

Lion came running in to me from the playroom on Monday screaming his lungs out... "Mummy, I've got swine flu and boogers just keep coming out of my nose!" Obviously he's believed the media that any sniffle is swine flu. I figured out this afternoon where he got his swine flu sniffles
from and I am confident it is just an innocent bug he's picked up from too much cousin lovin'.

Dragon asked for some chalk to draw on the back patio concrete this morning and I handed him a little piece of pinkish chalk... "This is girly chalk... I LOVE GIRLS!" So we can rest at ease, all his fairy fanaticism and his penchant for pink is just to attract the chicks.

Does anyone else get the urge to take a photo of their kids sleeping EVERY SINGLE NIGHT? They looks so sweet and cute and silent and huggable and innocent and little and darling when they are asleep. I could take a photo of them every night and not get tired of looking at them.

I had a REALLY busy day on Monday. I was cleaning like a crazy woman. No, still not nesting, I was trying to make the house user-friendly for when others (like Wolf) need to use the bits that I usually have power over. I step over the piles of stuff in the laundry, other people (like Wolf) are not such fans of stepping over "almost enough for a load" piles. So even though they weren't enough to fill the machine I washed them anyway. I scrubbed the bathroom sink back to white-white not just cleaning it to little boy-white. I started organising the linen cupboard... yep, started. It's a bigger job than I realised. I have decided that any sheet sets we haven't used in the last 12 months (or more) can go to lifeline. Any double sets we have left can go to lifeline since we no longer have a double bed and the double mattress will, I am sure, be quite fine with queen sheets on it. The OLD AS THE HILLS mattress protectors that I am not sure where they came from or what they are doing in there can go to lifeline and so can the random set of curtains in there. So now I am sorting what's left and labeling shelves and getting it user-friendly, it's something I have been meaning to do for ages so I don't have to remember which particular shade of red is the queen set of sheets and which is the single (after all I am a user too). The boys got in on the fun and we put on some groovy music while we cleaned their room, I had a rubbish truck (Dragon) and a recycling truck (Lion) help me empty the bins and we raced as fast as we could to collect EVERY.SINGLE.TOY from the rest of the house and return them to the playroom. By the end of my stamina they were asking for more to do but I was trashed, I tried to think of things they could do with me sitting down but "It's not the saaaame, muuum". Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Yesterday was playgroup in the park... It was a really relaxing morning... so relaxing my brain shut down and I can remember nothing of it at all... ahhh... nope... nothing... I did however keep my brain in order enough to remember to bring both kids home with me.

Today I have...

Booked in for a pre-admission clinic (to take the place of the one that I forgot to turn up to earlier this month)

Booked in to pick up the capsule and get it installed on the Friday before I have Peach Blossom... nothing like the last minute, but with no room in the car for the capsule I figure the later the better ☺

Paid the car's rego.

Opened the back door approximately 375 times to let Dragon in or out... or both as he frequently changes his mind half way through the task.

Squawked at Dragon because a fly came in every single one of those 375 times.

Made a mental shopping list that is completely useless because I can't actually remember anything I mentally put on it.

Gone for a pre-baby haircut.

Bought 2 new maternity bras so I can have enough that I can have a days worth in hospital and Wolf can be washing the next days ready to bring back up to me... They cop a flogging in those first few days. (TMI?)

Bought an expanding file thing to make tackling the paper mess around here a bit easier.

Remembered the milk and cream off my mental shopping list.

Made and almost wrecked Hillbilly pie for dinner... that is just SOOOO yummy but if you use thicker "angel curls" pasta it takes HEAPS longer to cook but looks quite funky.

Bought my hospital reading for the cheapest price I have seen it around *cha-ching*

I also caused minor chaos at Australia Post...

The parcel man came to drop off some books we ordered and I was dressed less than decently so I ran (wobbled) to the bedroom to change my shirt for one that, at the least, met up with my shorts and got to the door just as he was getting back in his van. He got back out and got the parcel for me and let me know there was a post office pick-up slip in the letterbox because he thought we weren't home so I should just throw it out. I was going to have to go back in and get the key for the box so I figured it could wait till the mail was delivered. I went out to get my hair cut and Wolf beat us home... and collected the mail... and found the slip... and got straight back in the ute and went off to the post office to collect the parcel... the parcel that was sitting in out dining room. So the post office man had a freak out about our missing parcel and Wolf had a freak out about his missing books. I'm not sure how it ended but Wolf left the post office empty handed and came home (and actually came inside) and found the carton of books waiting for him... his world was at peace once again. So 3 new books for Wolf, 2 new books for me and 1 each for the boys... I love new books!!! Wolf actually flicked the pages of one just so I could smell it... mmmmm... he knows me so well.

And to reward you for making it this far... here's a photo of the cutest pirate on earth at his friends pirate party a few months ago. I can't remember if I have blogged this one before so I thought I would chuck it on just in case... it's so cute after all! This is as we were leaving... he had only just agreed to put on his minimal costume when there was only 2 other kids left including the birthday boy.


  1. You say you are not nesting? I beg to differ....

  2. Seriously, I am still laughing about your little one and the swine flu comment. Media is all powerful. LOL.

  3. Yes, I so understand the sleeping children photo taking. Every few nights I call Uncle Wilbie in to look at how cute Cousin Wilbie looks sleeping. He doesn't seem to share my sentiment because sometimes he looks so quickly Im sure he doesn't see any of cousin wilbie.

  4. I have sons who look awesome in pink. One was determined to declare his favorite color was pink in the 5th grade. He stuck to it! Now that's a man!

    It sure sounds like you're nesting--When's the due date! How soooo totally exciting. While you're in delivery just think, your living what some of us older chicks miss! LOL

    I put a big thank you at the end of my new post. It was like God sending me a message--you need to finish what you started! So I pulled out the stuff I edited out! Thanks for the nice note and the encouragement!

    I'll be praying for your big day!

  5. Did you say that you weren't nesting yet? I call what you did on this day, NESTING!!!!

    You are busy, busy, crazy busy! You'll be ready for baby and for the rest of your life by the time your baby is born.

    That's good. Rest and enjoy a few days of this pregnancy though.

    Hope you have a chance to stop over again sometime.

    Take care,

  6. Um, I think you could be nesting???lol..I love the cutest little pirate..he is certainly cute..
    I love new books too. I have a few Phillipa Gregory that my mum lent me, I havnt had the chance to read them yet, is she any good?
    oh by the way YOU ARE NESTING!!!!!!!!

  7. Yah for new books! Very exciting.
    For someone who doesn't think they remember much, you sure have a lot going on. Glad you are making in roads in your to do list.
    I totally get the sleeping children thing. I just thought I was crazy. But now I am not alone.
    Cute pirate too.

  8. Hahahaha! Still chucking at dear hubby's wasted trip to the post office, lol!

    I cleaned like a mad woman before my first was born. I don't really remember what I did before the second was born, but that's because I was probably busy taking care of the firstborn, lol!

  9. The post office mixup is pretty fun. I had a funny post-office misunderstanding years ago when my youngest child was still young. Sunday morning, I was a little slow in getting him ready for church and when a man from a van pulled up in the yard and rang the door bell, I freaked. Just a minute! I yelled, pulling his clothes (and mine) on. I ran to the door again, and said, one more minute. Please! I got the youngest his Bible and offering money, then pushed him out the door, out of breath, "Here he is!." The door knocker looked at me in surprise, and said "Ma'am, all I need is a signture." It was then I noticed his postal uniform and a package in his hand!

  10. My favorite time of the day used to be nap time. I would lean against the door jam and just stand there and soak in the quiet and the sweet, sleeping faces of my youngsters. Every day I did this, so have a million mental snapshots of rosy cheeks and soft breath. :)

  11. Yep, that's a cute pirate.

    Good on you for getting stuff done. By the 9th month I was too tired and too heavy to do anything but the absolute minimum necessities.

  12. I love looking at pictures (and videos) of my boys when they were little, like yours. Aaahhh the memories!

  13. I can't believe how close your getting to your little peach blossom's arrival. How exciting! I'm also glad to hear you can see your to do list getting somewhere because for me it seems for every item I check off two more hop on it. LOL
    Thanks for getting my sense of humor with the whole MRI drama. I was worried people would think I was being a drama queen and gross.

  14. I recall that every night before my hubby and I went to bed we would go peek at our boys and marvel at how sweet, how cute, how wonderful they were. We could not get over how blessed we were. We also were surprised that God used our very best genes to make them so cute as we didn't see anything in us that was nearly as attractive. It is fun to hear how their little brains work. Yes, you are nesting--soon we will hear about your new little one!

  15. I don't know who you are kidding... you are SO nesting! No sane woman does all of that unless she is getting ready to have a baby and you, my friend, are NESTING.
    LOVED this post. Can't wait to meet little peach blossom!


    @Bluecottonmemory - C-Section date is August 31st. One week from Monday.

    @Peta - Just stay away from the "Little House". I took that as my hospital reading when I had dragon and quickly figured out the chick in the book had PND and I probably should just put it down and not pick it back up. I have enjoyed all her other books I have read. I prefer her Tudor series though. "The Other Bolyn Girl" was a rubbish movie but a great book!


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