Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday Snapshot

It's time for another Sunday Snapshot.

Chock full of McTavish cuteness and charm!

Can you believe they were ALL looking at the camera???

They weren't smiling but we can't have everything.

Believe it or not Monkey was ready for bed so he was all wrapped up...

Two big brothers made short work of destroying the peaceful calmness of the bedroom.

Might as well take some photos while they are all clean and cute.

See... sleepy and quiet one second...

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil the next.

I think he went to sleep with a bad taste in his mouth.

Still cute though.

I love to play with his soft fluffy hair.

He did his first real puke today.

I know... excitement plus hey?

Really. I am excited.

It went all down my front and collected in my bra and made me quite soggy and sticky.

But that's not why I'm excited.

My kids don't puke.

They will hold EVERYTHING in and be all uncomfortable and cranky.

A puke is a BIG step forwards and a little sign that just maybe this one wont be refluxy...

I'm not holding my breath over one puke though.

To finish for tonight a little glimps into Lion's life...

Background: The V8 Supercars were here a few months ago. Lion DESPERATELY wanted to go and see them race.

"Mum, I really want to go and see the V8 super race cars when they come again.
Or maybe the V8 super rubbish trucks...
Or maybe the V8 super street sweepers...
Yeah, the V8 super street sweepers are my favourites!"
I think the poor boy'll be waiting a while for that race.


  1. The V8 super streetsweepers would be a sight to behold. I'd even go to that one myself. He's such a boy!

  2. They are so beautiful!

    Monkey is just precious and i love his soft hair too! I want to feel it! I must come visit you so I can! :-)

    V8 super streetsweepers....that would be nice. Maybe they would clean our streets faster and quicker!

  3. Hate to burst your bubble, but Little Bear was a puker & still had reflux, although the problems didn't start as early as Cheetah(possibly due to the puking?). It was at about 3-4 weeks that it became obvious.

  4. What beautiful BOYS. It is amazing how our boys are alike in someways then totally opposite in other.

    You are really gonna need to get used the creepy wiggly things they like to collect.



  5. Almost 3 little monkeys, hey? Cute pics.
    It's amazing how similar in size Dragon and Lion's faces are - well in that photo. And then there is little Monkey.
    Cute cute cute.

  6. So cute. I love that cute, fuzzy, warm, brand new baby feeling...and congrats on the puking. I know exactly what you mean.

  7. They're so cute! I love these pictures. Sometimes it's hard to get them to all cooperate at the same time. Good job!

    I hope you are feeling good and that everything is falling into place with having a new baby in the house.

    God bless you all & take care.

  8. MMMmmm, Nothing sweeter, or louder than a room full of boys.

    I can almost, if I push my nose up really close to the computer screen, smell that freshly bathed baby boy smell.

  9. Oh my gosh!! i'm such a bad aunty. i haven't even seen little monkey yet... i'll make sure romeo & i meet him this week. hope you're all doing well :)

  10. Oh my goodness. Late again. Congratulations on your gorgeous, sweet new addition. You guys make some stunning children, truly. It almost makes me want to have another one. I'm pretty sure if I could smell his darling baby head, I'd want another one. But then I think to myself five...five children...five mouths shouting MOMMY at the top of their little lungs. Mmmm. I'll admire yours from afar, I think.

  11. How utterly boyishly adorable! Your baby is soo cute that I could put up with a little wretching. You're going to miss that smell in a few years. Believe me. You will.

  12. Those pictures make my ovaries hurt. Did I say too much? Well, it is true! Love those pictures of the brothers. Could there be anything better than brothers???

    Hope you are getting some sleep.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  13. What a bunch of sweeties! Little monkey sure is so cute - how I would love to give him a cuddle (alas impossible through bloggy land, so you'll just have to do it for me!)
    The V8 streetsweepers sounds like something Zai would come up with!

  14. V8 Streetsweepers! So cute! Wow, that picture is adorable (first one) Monkey looks so tiny!

  15. Such a beatiful bunch. Your heart must be bursting!

  16. My favorite picture is the 'hear no evil, see no evil..." Funny!

  17. OH my Gosh! I LOVE the photo of the 3 boys! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Ok, and I have to agree... my babies were all HUGE pukers and had awful reflux and since I read your newest post first... I'm guessing he might be having reflux issues.
    Maybe try keeping him upright for 45 minutes after his feeds. (we had something called a Reflux Wedge for my twins, made bu Pediacraft and they were fabulous!)


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