Friday, 18 September 2009

Why there's been no more photos...

Because he's not lookin' so cute when he's doing this...
Okay, so he still looks cute even when he's screaming but he's not been a happy camper the last few days.

Hopefully we'll have it sorted out soon.

Humpty sure hopes so...

But we do get moments like this one...

I think he's just building up for the next big scream though.

There has also been no more photos because I am kept busy feeding/rocking/changing him and I am the only one that ever thinks to use the camera. Wolf has been kept busy playing his new computer game... for three days straight... "Not Happy Jan".
We went to the clinic on Monday, right on 2 weeks old to see how he was growing. He had put on 200g in 5 days!!! He was 100g over his birth weight!!!! That is a record for my boys! Now I know why I feel like a dairy cow... Because I AM a dairy cow!!!
We have found a way to get him clean without the screaming. He quite likes showers now as long as I am sitting in the tub with him on my legs. He even smiled about it this morning as I ran warm water from a washer over his head and tummy!
Humpty Dumpty in the photo arrived in the mail this week from Aunty Ni. He's huge! Lion and Dragon both have tiny little Humpty toys from when Lion and I went to see Playschool Live a few years ago... They are a bit jealous that Monkey's is so much bigger. Lion was also a bit put out that Aunty Ni posted the present instead of coming round to visit her favourite Lion. Living 1670Klm away didn't cut it as an excuse. Don't you love google maps???
Anyway, all three boys are asleep now. I have used my 5 minutes of free time to blog instead of googling what I actually wanted to get on the computer for but I am too worn out to do that now so I am off to bed.
I promise I will be visiting you all again soon... and responding to comments... and other bloggy stuff...
I'll also be borrowing mum's camera for taking some good photos too!


  1. My little Sam (2) saw the picture of your screaming monkey *lol* and said "Oh no!" and preceded to blow kisses at the computer towards him...kinda an 'over-the-internet' comforting the baby technique! :-)
    Hey...I STILL feel like a milk cow and my baby is almost 5 months old! I understand!:)

    Moo from the valley! :)

  2. I think they are cute when they scream, too. Of course, I don't have to LISTEN to it, but he is still absolutely ADORABLE!

    And, YAY!!! for growing! You are apparently an awesome dairy cow!


    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  3. He is precious! Although I don't miss those crying, fussing, infant days too much.

    I have no idea how much 200g is, since we do everything here by lbs. But any growth is confirmation that your status as dairy cow is a success. Look forward to seeing more pics, crying or otherwise.

  4. He is adorable, screaming or not. But of course, I can't hear him, lol!

    Hopefully that part will end soon. My oldest did lots of screaming and crying because I couldn't nurse him (I had surgery when he was a week old and lost all my milk because of it).

    So we had a hard time finding a formula that wouldn't give him gas but finally found something that agreed with him and didn't hurt his tummy.

  5. Awww, poor little guy. I hope he's smiling more soon. He is still cute even in mid did he manage to pull that one off? I remember when my daughter was first born, it felt as though she was permanently attached to my breast...I wonder how the new baby will be...hopefully not such a boob hound as she was but we'll see. :)

  6. Oh no...what's up? I hope it isn't gas or reflux. Poor little guy. Jonathan developed the worst reflux at about a month of age and he's still got it.

    I hope he is feeling better soon!

  7. I love the photos, sad or not. He is just so adorable.
    But you not blogging so regularly does make me feel more adequate. When the boys were little, it took a lot just to do basic functions, let alone blog, email, have time to spend on the internet. Not that blogging was an option then. I used to dispair for myself when people still made it to functions, remembered to do non baby things and could manage conversations because their bundle of joy would be neat, clean and asleep.
    But congratulations on your growing little Monkey! Way to grow!

  8. He is a cutie even when he's screaming!

  9. Oh no, poor sweet baby and poor mummy! I hope you find something to soothe him...

    ps I agree with Possum...he's a cutie even when he's screaming!

  10. Oh gosh, sorry you are having a tough time. Gosh, but he is adorable!


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