Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Breaking News

Lion LOVES street sweepers.
He can tell you all sorts of facts about street sweepers.
He watches the manufacturers ads on YouTube.
He spots them on the streets.
He has his future life as a street sweeper driver all worked out... including how it can fit in with church.


So when they were playing News Readers with the video on my camera this is what he did...

There's probably a few bits in there that you couldn't quite understand but instead of translating the whole thing this video might clear it up for you...

My favourites...

Lion's "Literally" and "fetal position" and his little smirk at the dust allergies.

But really, the whole story just rocks... although not for Mr Lowe.


  1. Couldn't see the video. :( The message says it's private.

  2. Hahaha. I just played that twice. It's so much cooler seeing kids in action. He's so adorable. That poor man, stuck in there with his dust allergies and all. I love Lion's version best. Did he memorize the story?

  3. Mrsbear - Yep, he has a weird ability for that sort of thing. If he's into it he can recite it verbatim after seeing it once, if it's mummy asking him to do something he can't remember what it was after I have asked 15 times.

  4. Love it, love it, love it. Classic Lion. Did feel a bit sad when I realised just how grown up Lion is getting though. I loved the 'fetal position' comment.

  5. Is the man stuck inside in the 'beetle' position? That would make sense to Lion. If we can incorporate rocket science and brain surgery into stories about street sweepers, there would be no stopping Lion's education ;)

  6. When I heard Lion say "literally" I was very impressed! What a cutie!

    And what a strange news story!

  7. I watched Lion's video before reading the rest. I thought he was talking about a man being sucked into a sweeper and being stuck in a fetal position. I thought that boys got imagination and a great vocab. Well, he does, but the 2nd video did help fill in the gaps. It isn't really true, is it?

  8. Lion should give up his desire to be a street sweeper driver and go into TV as a news reader - he has the vocabulary and personality for it. He takes after his Dad when it comes to remembering trivia - Wolf could practically recite the whole script of Star Wars.

  9. That is so stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for the smile and giggles!

    Mrs. NB

  10. What a cutie!!! Maybe he should take up news reporting.



  11. I wish I could see this, but Jonathan is watching a movie on the computer (don't ask...I have one screen downsized so I can read blogs, Hubby can play a game on the TV downstairs and the kid can watch Cinderella...which he's never seen)

    I'll have to watch it later so I can get the full affect!

  12. No! NO! I'm laughing so hard. THat second one is a joke right because seriously that guy has tongue issues! Oh! So funny! Your kids are sooo funny!


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