Friday, 15 January 2010

Poor little Monkey

I am supposed to be taking Monkey for a nasal swab this morning but he was tired and cranky because he isn't getting enough sleep because of his wog so I put him down for a nap thinking it'd be a half hour at most and he just keeps sleeping!

I'm not bothered though.  I haven't done my hair, dressed in presentable clothes, brushed my teeth, I probably should be doing that right now...

I threw some clothes at the kids but it hasn't gone very far.  One is still in his PJ's and the other stripped down to undies and that was as far as he got.

We might make it to the pathologist by lunch time.

I got my H1N1 vaccine and a Whooping cough and Tetanus booster yesterday.  They hurt.  My arms feel like I've been punched.  One had a lump when I woke up this morning like there was a $2 coin under my skin... very weird.  The second one hurt most and by the time I left the doctor my muscles hurt from my shoulder to my elbow.  By the time I got to mums it was past my shoulder blade, by the time I got home it was about 1/4 of my back and down to my wrist and the first side had joined in, by the time I went to bed it was all I could do to just let my arms hang by my sides, it made sleeping a bit tricky last night.  Thankfully Monkey didn't give me that many chances to notice that sleeping was tricky because he's spending large portions of the night awake coughing and snuffling (but he is very happy while he's doing it).  I woke up this morning sore but it's not enough to stop me doing anything.

I have a renewed compassion for my kids when they get needles.  Monkey couldn't get his yesterday because the doctor wanted to see if there was anything sinister behind his cough and snuffle.

I don't think this game of Guess Who is going to get very far... but Dragon had fun showing Monkey how to play.  That's what big brothers are for.

Monkey is getting a lot better dealing with his big brother Dragon.  I had hoped that Dragon would be the one to change and be more gentle and a bit quieter or something but Monkey has started letting Dragon know when enough is enough and isn't freaking out quite so much with the loud noises.

I've been doing the mummy lecture a lot lately about picking up Lego... in the last 12 hours both boys have really hurt themselves standing on Lego... they still haven't learnt their lesson.

I'd best go and get some kids into their clothes and get myself ready to face the world.


  1. Oh no. Poor Monkey! I hope he feels better soon!
    Make sure you keeo an eye on that needle site. If it gets hot to the touch, make sure you see a doctor for infection. OUCH!

  2. My poor baby. (& poor you too).

    My tetanus booster always made my arm go like you describe. A huge lump & then progressive pain that is really bad for a day or two but takes about a week to go away.

    I notice that Monkey's hair is getting lighter. It even looks considerably lighter than when I last saw him. Obviously time for another visit (when you're all feeling better thanks).

    Did you get your ipod working?

  3. Get well soon baby Monkey!

  4. Oh I hope there is nothing more to the Monkey's sniffles. And that your arm feel better soon.

  5. some days are like this. some years are like this. annnnnd, hugs to you 'cuz i hate needles!!!!

  6. Ouch, wish I could come cuddle Monkey for you. Dragon is so sweet showing him how to play Guess Who?

    Fortunately I have managed to avoid cough till you barf disease, even though #7 tried his best to share.

    Hope everyone is better soon.

  7. I hear ya. Gotta love lazy P.J. days!!!

    Hope your limbs are feeling better. I hate needles, yet I poke patients with them everyday at work. I am so mean.

    Such a loving big BRO. Just makes me smile.



  8. Poor baby Monkey. Hope you all survived the swab and that he'll be on the mend, quick sticks.
    As I was reading about your reactions to the needles, I was going to say I had similar reactions to both these last few months, but no, as I read on I thought you certainly are taking up those antibodies with gusto. Hope your arms aren't so sore now.
    Love to that big brother Dragon - what a cutie.

  9. Ouch! Needles aren't fun. Just had my blood taken this week to see if my hypothyroidism is any better. I hope Monkey and the rest of you don't need any more shots for awhile! Well, Monkey will, but you know what I mean. And I hope his sniffles get much better!

  10. Poor Monkey. Hope he's feeling better. It's hard to watch when they're so little and unhappy from being sick.

    Immunizations are the worst. Hope your arms have recovered.

  11. Ouch! That sounds terrible - I need to get a tetanus next year, so not looking forward to that!
    If you find a way to keep the lego cleaned up - share it - it seems that no matter how much we clean it up, there is always some random piece hiding that we step on - ouch!


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